Anastacia-Blue Beyond – Feeling Broken – Part Two
What are you going to put into your New Treasure Chest – Part Three
Recent Ascension Time Line – Part Four – 17th Feb 18

It’s always the Darkest before the New Dawn – 15th Feb 18 – Part One shared:
‘Parts of the past have re-surfaced, all these old facets of self that one no longer reacts or deals with things in life this way now

Yet these mini explosions within are being turned inside out

As we are at the turning point of a new FREEDOM from an old self

An older version of ourselves that where we felt we had no power to do anything

Where we didn’t have the ability to process and shift through and find solutions (at that time)

Where one may have felt stuck in the past and we were for what we were going through at the time – but we are no longer

Yet these feelings of being stuck or anger, or frustration of all of our facets are being released as we are being upgraded

We are having big wake up calls in relation to others as well

Or with ourselves and needing to slow down and ground ourselves

And if we are not ‘getting this’ for ourselves oh, something usually occurs that does this for us’

Feelings of going insane are still very heightened – with older mental chatter that needs to now GO

Feeling broken, literally that is coming through the physical in some way as the last place we feel a big shift or breakthrough

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Keep hanging in there as now its time to fill up with kind nurturing words to oneself…

This is SO IMPORTANT right now

Keep doing like mantras of self encouragement and how good you are going

This is your opportunity to finally feed and feel your own soul with you!

A New you that you are creating or weaving a new thread/s for your New Tapestry

It’s very important what you put into your new Treasure Chest!

Like pressing a re-start button…what are we going to put into our Treasure chest in our new restart?

What food or substances, what emotional support for oneself in nurturing words…

Take a breath, go with this, honour this and yourself…shift from the old of beating oneself up

It really is time

If we look at what was shared recently as part of our Ascension Timeline we can see the lead up to this:

We are now weaving our New Tapestries-We are now exploring our New Frontiers for ourselves – Part One – 9th Feb 18:

‘As we slowly unwind the pace and the energies of the old…and continue to work through and break through old ways of BE-ing’

‘We are now weaving our New Tapestries’

‘We are now exploring our New Frontiers for ourselves’

Behaviour/Impulses that we needed in times past that we no longer need – Part Two – 9th Feb 18:
‘There has been like a release of an old me, a facet of an old me (us), that recently was part of myself, that I ACTUALLY SAW AND FELT SPLIT OFF and LEAVE or be RELEASED’

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‘This is the ultimate release, final release or shedding of an older facet’

‘This new release is now available for humanity like never before’

‘Of an old facet energetically of ourselves splitting off, leaving, being released’

‘This is the ultimate final release, disintegration of a whole facet of the old for ourselves that has occurred in a very new way’

‘We are breaking threads of our old Tapestry as some are needing to be ‘broken’ as they are not beneficial for us to weave into our New Tapestry for ourselves’

*This came through in Spirit and remember from there it flows through to Soul, mental, emotional and the physical is the last shift through – as this was shared as it came through or not long after as a template/WaySeer*

Changing our lives in a New Permanent removal of an old thread/facet – Part Three – 9th Feb 18:
‘Release of an old tapestry thread/facet and weaving in a new thread in creating a New Tapestry that comes from DEEP DEEP WITHIN’

‘This is about a NEW PERMANENT shift or change, releasing and LETTING GO of an old facet/thread of ourselves that is ONLY JUST NOW AVAILABLE in this way for BOTH SPIRIT and SOUL’

‘This is coming up for people with eating disorders, child abuse and so much more’

‘This is about changing our lives in a new permanent removal of an old thread/facet and weaving new threads that will allow us to finally be free of something that has been very controlling from within in our lives’

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This is new and unprecedented in what we are currently experiencing and I say and share this as a Trailblazer, Ascension Pioneer and WaySeer from over the last 23yrs and that says a lot!

So please know, you are not on your own with this, many of us are also feeling and releasing in a very new way and we are in this together, although our experiences are unique for ourselves

As we are collectively breaking free for ourselves and for humanity!

I so honour what each soul is going through and I thankyou for doing so as you are the brave spiritual warriors, empaths who feel so very much

As we move and grow Onwards and Upwards together collectively

As always I am right here with you. As all I share and bring through is as a template for humanity in linking our Spirit to our Soul through our emotions from personal experience.

Much Unconditional Love, Truth and Honesty

Anastacia Kompos
6/7D Ascension Pioneer/Trailblazer/WaySeer
Personal 1:1 Divine Guidance/Healings of self are available

Anastacia is in Service to humanity and Gaia, as an Ascended Earth Master in 6/7D human embodiment. Sharing unique energy updates/insights from Spirit to Soul through our emotions = Both – of the Divine – through human embodiment of being in 6/7D, in real-time experience as a template for humanity
You are welcome to share this post and others, with full credit given to the author and is kept in original complete content and intact. All rights reserved. Anastacia Kompos 2018. Copyright ©


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