SOLARA ANANI – At the beginning of 2018, there was a powerful infusion of the New Reality of AN. This pushed us onto a completely new frequency band which contains new true connections and brilliant new opportunities that we didn’t know existed. We suddenly entered a totally New Era. This is true, whether or not we feel it yet.
Our New Map is emerging and becoming clearer. For those of us already on the New Map, it feels like we have unexpectedly emerged from several years of tremendous effort and challenges. It’s like leaving the desert and arriving at a verdant oasis full of fruit and flowers, teeming with vibrant life and brilliant colors.
2018 feels like a wondrous year full of timeless magic and pregnant with exciting possibilities. This may feel a bit strange because when we look at the ever escalating events in the outer world of duality, much appears to be becoming increasingly worse. We can see this happening, but it’s with a sense of detachment, for this isn’t what we feel. We feel the ever strengthening resonance of Trueness. We feel Love and more Love. We feel the deepening compassion in more and more people. We feel the exquisitely beautiful AN energy embracing us. And we know that ALL IS WELL.
February is a potent month of monolithic shifts and monumental movement on multiple levels. It’s a continuation of the huge energy shift which started at the beginning of the year. There’s a heightened frequency of powerful Pure True Love that is becoming ever stronger. This river of Pure True Love has so flooded its old banks, that we can’t even see where the river of old love used to be.
February brings a storm surge that shakes our foundational realities. They shake, but they don’t yet fall. Our challenge is to evolve sufficiently so we can meet these surges in a new way. There are many who are feeling confused because the old outer navigation points from our old Map are gone. To navigate a space with no outer signposts takes deep trust in our Heart’s Knowingness.
There are two strong frequency bands of energy available to us this year and we have to decide which one we want to experience. If we stay on the frequency band of duality and resist change, we may well find that this is a difficult year. But if we make a huge leap in consciousness, we will discover that an exquisite New Landscape awaits us.
We can now see that owning less, living more simply, aligning ourselves with Pachamama, can make a huge impact on the world around us. We can stop supporting the businesses that are destroying the environment. We can stop being herded around like passive sheep from one crisis or special event to the next. (“Wow, the Super Bowl!” “I can’t wait for the Academy Awards!” “Oh no! A terrorist attack!”) None of this matters. None of this is real. Each time we simplify our lives and make them more True and Real, we remove the hooks which keep us plugged into duality and we strengthen the resonance of the New Reality of AN.
There’s lots of unplugging to do if we really want to birth a New Reality on the Earth. We can start by unplugging our televisions. Do we really need to be programmed by television shows which continually reinforce duality’s illusory viewpoint of how to perceive the world? It is only by making our personal choices to unplug ourselves from the comfy, illusory world of duality, that a True New World can be born. If enough of us do this, THIS YEAR, then we can create the vast Tipping Point where all the bubbles of illusion pop and we can finally make the full shift into a wondrous New Reality.

Welcome to the Year of the Earth Dog!
2018 officially begins on February 15 – 16 which is the Chinese and Tibetan New Year. This is when the Fire Rooster / Phoenix ceremonially passes the Sceptre of Guardianship to the Earth Dog who quickly grabs it in its teeth and runs off to a quiet place to gently gnaw upon it. This gnawing is a metaphor for a softening which will take place within us this year.
During this passing of the sceptres, many of us will experience a noticeable Quantum Breakthrough to help us make our leap into the New Reality. After being seared in the Fires of Transformation and experiencing profound Wake Up Calls during the Fire Rooster’s reign, the Earth Dog will bring us exactly what is most needed now. Steadiness. GROUNDING. Honesty. Trustworthiness. Trueness. Compassion. The Earth Dog will help us return to the simplicity of what is Real so we can live True Lives.
The Golden Yellow Earth Dog Year will be particularly difficult for people who don’t have clearly defined views and are still trying to straddle reality systems through compromising what they know to be true. The Earth Dog won’t be able to help them with anything until they move onto a truer, more real level. If you neglect to do this, the situation could reach a critical level until there is a sudden awakening that pushes you free of the illusion.
According to the Chinese Calendar which repeats itself every 60 years, the Year of the Earth Dog is a powerful Turning Point in men and women’s lives. It offers us a deeper understanding of our human condition and presents us with a Golden Opportunity to shift our beings to a vastly expanded, much truer level. The Year of the Earth Dog urges us to ask fundamental questions, to make far reaching revisions to our basic belief system, and then to apply this expanded perspective to all aspects of our lives.
The Earth Dog brings us a leveling of resources. Increasingly, humanity will realize that we have to share our resources with others. There will be no peace, no deep sense of security, until we learn to help those who most need it. We have to share our wealth with those in need; otherwise, if we simply accumulate it for ourself, it might be taken away from us. But if you are using your resources to serve the planet, your wealth may increase.
This year we have to apply the qualities of the Earth Dog into our lives. It’s essential that we find methods of serving humanity in a grounded and tangible way. The Earth Dog ushers in an awakening of Love and Compassion all over the world, so we can serve those who are suffering and take responsibility for the well being of humanity and the planet.
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