Soluntra King – The star system of infinite possibilities beyond duality and through the Galactic Centre interface and the Galactic Centre of Andromeda.
This stars is in the Andromedan Galaxy.

THE STAR WE ARE OPEN TO IS MAL LI ……..The new Galaxy is through your higher dimensional heart, it is time to be aware of this now and your true love is through this doorway.

Awakened to divine love, swimming in the cosmic oceans, singing the songs of creation of all worlds. Flying high and awakened in dancing formless wonder, not light not dark beyond liquid light plasma.

Very different again with some very dark, light dances presented to me to assist others and bigger picture as the eclipse shadow starting going through us. Then just before the exact time and our link up time I go out into my garden and crystal sacred circle to connect and then link in with you all.

I instantly felt a great desire from everyone to be linked and to be in our hearts, knowing how important it is and the love and the strength of our connection is beautiful.
I was instantly aware also of the Crystal Skulls in and around the Earth singing and leaping up and glowing into the matrix of illusion and pain.

I saw a soft violet and pink light glowing on the Earth, gentle and loving. The eclipse has brought up in its shadow so many dark beings that are being unmasked as I had been aware just before our connection. Then I was aware of the intensity that has been off and on since the transfiguring process has been happening so full on since the December Solstice and before that since the Equinox in September and really since the last Solar Eclipse in August 22.

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So much has been presented to us, of our old patterns and programs we can’t run anymore and the collective resistance we have had of moving forward with so much still unloved.
All falling away now as the transfiguring is on through the doorway of the higher heart.

I was aware of a doorway opening and our bodies moving through. From all our love and combined Being it has a created a doorway for others to move through as well.
The higher heart, the divine love that each of us truly is, is guiding us more easily, we can respond to the higher frequencies without it bringing up so much pain or fear now. We have come to a level of love that will now propel us into our new bodies and lives more easily.

It’s been an intense time for so long now and for those who assist others even more intense as we have still being dealing with the collective fear even though we don’t personally need to, but our service self still chooses to allow it to happen through us. From now on it will be easier on our lives and bodies.

As I looked up to the clouds they transmuted and went to nothing, each one I looked at. I did this to a few to make sure this was what was ahppening and they transmuted into nothing at a glance, I felt it was a sign.

The skulls wish to tell us ‘that we may not notice things so obvious just yet but that we have now moved into a higher vibration of love as we have collectively dealt with a lot of the illusion within and without.

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Your own personal body and systems physically and etherically are going to be upgraded more fully now to adjust the the light that we hold already, and are now being prepared to hold in our physical level’.

Of course we are Light but its about full integration with matter and we have now made a leap into greater frequencies of light in our body.
Go into your body and sense the vibrations of Light there through all your organs, your body systems, your cells. Make tones and sounds that bring joy to your cells as they dance in the eternal light of your hearts delight.

As Mal Li the stars bids us ‘Awakened to divine love, swimming in the cosmic oceans, singing the songs of creation of all worlds. Flying high and awakened in dancing formless wonder, not light not dark beyond liquid light plasma.’
Thank you so much dearest soul sisters and brothers in the One Heart.
We would all love to read what you experienced please put in the comments.

NZ 6.10pm 24th AUST EST 4.10pm 24th GMT/UTC 5.10am 24th Americas 23rd
Here is a conversion link to work out the time where you live.
WITH THE STAR FROM ARASTONEEN The star system of cosmic rain and flow, harmony and balance.
THE STAR WE ARE OPEN TO IS MARKIS SEMO ….Brings through new light codes of the new creation, through your central channel and chakras and the central channel of the New Earth.
Possible now as the Umbilical Cord of the New Earth has activated through the Galactic Gate.

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Artwork i don’t know the artists but much gratitude to their divine paintings and Max the amazing crystal skull.


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