Rick Jewers – We need those of You that are being guided to leave Your present physical locations,to take the leap and REPOSITION NOW. We are setting up many New Strings/Themes for individuals that penetrate the old programming of Society, a Timeline for You to get in there, operating from a 5D level of perspective, to Create Good Change, that will emanate from Your presence in the New Location. Your Divine Presence in these New locations, Change the futures and are directly connected to more fully integrating the 5D into the current realities. The effects/affects of Your repositioning is immense and impressive, with a Higher caliber of experience for You, as well as a stronger Soul connection to Divinity that Creates a more impressive feedback of Divine wisdom into Your Now. These “leaps” must be taken and ALL Divine assistance is there to accommodate these repositionings, miracles will even occur for some to be able to transition to their New Physical Position upon Gaia. Most of You will be repositioned onto or near, the New 5D Grid of Ley Lines, and/or Power Nodules. This may be a temporary repositioning with also, New Nomadics stepping into their role.

Many of You are at levels that Your present surroundings will no longer resonate. You are indeed being guided at a Soul level and Divine level, to reposition. You MUST reposition to adhere with Your New Timeline and upgraded mission/purpose. This Time has been preordained for You and everything leading to this point, was not by chance, not coincidence, everything surely does happen for a reaSON.

Your repositioning will place You on Higher Timelines with more of the Higher Truths revealed to You in accordance with Your individual Journey and Purpose. Upon repositioning, comes a further strengthening of Your Divine Prowess inline with the overall Divine Plan/Ascension. Freewill on this planet was severely limited to You, to assure Your would be guided and arrive at a certain point at a certain time. To appease this Higher Calling, freewill was taken from the Human brain, so that Human logic could not rule what One did, and the going within to listen to the Heart, was a connection at the Soul level, which needed to be established, to take the leap into the New You. The Time has come for many, to Trust the Heart and ignore the logic, UNTIL, the brain is connected to the Heart and begins to obey the Heart and not outside influences at the brain level. The point of truly Trusting the brain begins when Ones Heart Chakra is connected with the Crown Chakra. This assures that Your thoughts then are coming from within, from the Heart, and are NOT being manipulated by “Thought Viruses”, that are NOT Your own.

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Some “logic” that prevents One from repositioning is the false connections to a reality that no longer serves. Some may think they cannot leave because of family members. Others may think they cannot leave because of monetary issues. Some may think they cannot leave because of obligation. These and more, are false restrictions that are quickly severed when Ones intent comes from the Heart, to leave, to reposition. When You come to the realization that You must leave and can no longer tolerate a toxic environment, doors begin to open, doors that involve leaps, leaps of Trust secured by the Inner Knowing, that everything will be ok, and better. You have been given a choice to a degree, stay within misery and a toxic environment, or break free of it, stepping into the New Empowered You. Break the logic and make the leap.

All debt is an illusion, sharing and assisting another is the only thing real and supported at this time. Anything less than sharing and assisting another, is imploding, and You will see this on a wide scale, as those with greed are relieved of their wealth, when they resist to help another. Currently attached to greed and any other fear based emotion/energy, is the self destruct sequence named karma, that the negativity triggers for them and sets off a wave of events that strips them of anything. Since 2012 this mechanism has been in place and Now intensifies, as more Light Awakens and cannot be manipulated nor taken advantage of. Divine Ones are fully supported and if require assistance, it is administered to assure they get to where they must go. Divinity is breaking down the control of money, and the last thing We wish to see is a gathering of Wealth, unless it is immediately and temporarily shared for the benefit of many/All.

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Anyone attempting to capitalize on this Ascension, or to capitalize on assisting others, are imploding, it is NOT compatible with the Divine Plan. We said this would happen a while back, and Now You are seeing this as so. The Ascension and those Ascending to Higher Prowess are Priority, Priority above MONEY. You were told that You only need enough and that donations would support You in the least, and if required something else for a sustainability, it would be Divinely administered. The False Prophets are being revealed and exposed, We do not wish to see credible Ones get tangled up in this implosion causing confusion and a set back to the Overall Ascension. Those of You given the Divine ability to assist others are to eliminate the profiting, the capitalism from Your work, God does not threaten, only lets others Know what is going on so that they may make better choices. We let You Know that there is INDEED an implosion mechanism set up on the planet directly connected to greed and overly charging another for services. Those with Higher Perspectives will automatically Know this, those with confused perspectives will realize their choice, and given the opportunity to rectify their action. Your Divine Gifts of assisting others are for Ascension applications, not supporting anything contrary, including charging One a ridiculous price for assisting them, feel this in Your Heart, does this feel right to charge someone that NEEDS assistance and has no money?. By charging One $100-200 for an hour of Your time to assist them with Ascension related things, when most that are Ascending are the poorest on the planet, does this feel moral, ethical, even Godlike? C,mon and get with it, get with the Ascension and get her done, the more that You assist in empowering at little to no cast, the quicker this happens, think about that.

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Love and Light


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