Ascension Energy Alert
Anastacia-Blue Beyond – We have just ‘cleared’ a reaching of a New Platform that has NOW come through into the Human! -26th Feb 2018

This came through recently in Spirit (shared in previous alert) and now in the past 24hours intensely it is HERE AND NOW in THE HUMAN BEING

The Above AND Below…

A Massive massive balancing of the two = both = wholeness!

Of Spirit and Soul which enables a ‘greater’ connection to our Higher Self, our Monad/Oversoul and the Divine

Keep self monitoring when one says ‘I think’ and shift to ‘I FEEL’…this does make all the difference in self monitoring – in allowing ourselves to shift from our thoughts to our feelings – to shift to our Spiritual Mind or Spiritual Logic through Feeling!

If we feel sort of ‘half way there’ or if we ‘know’ and resonate to energies and what one reads that is being shared and one doesn’t feel they quite have the ‘whole picture’, maybe just maybe one is feeling in spirit and by-passing the emotions and the human and the ‘feeling’ that is needed, to grow and ascend – In Spirit AND Soul

Not just one and not just the other will do or suffice as we can feel that ‘something is missing feeling’

It is our wholeness in both Spirit and Soul that we are so very needing to reconnect to advance, progress and grow in our wholeness on our Ascension Journeys

To grow and process and feel in both!

It is the biggest relief that has come through in the Human with this massive energy shift or breakthrough

May the Divine Unconditional love and light shine and flow to you through these ‘words’ in the human, for those who also feel this for themselves and also for those who are continuing on in their amazing journeys and experiences in where they are currently ‘at’ – that to keep being all you are and keep shining your light in unconditional love and FAITH AND TRUST in the Divine and in YOURSELF

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That we are letting go of old threads of our old tapestries…as recently a dark door of the old closed

Here is a recent update that I wrote when we shifted into a New Platform energy in Spirit recently that I was not guided to share until now:

“Dark Doorway moments of coming through a New Massive Doorway/New Platform

There is an old dark doorway that we are not able to energetically go back into of the past

Our vibration has risen that if we were to go back through or into that old dark energy doorway we would not survive – literally

This is so new and on a much bigger scale to date than before

This is creating or taking a step into a new energy for us and collectively

Yet individually through personal experiences of the past for ourselves

Where all we knew and utilised to assist us in the past cannot or is actually unable to be brought through to the here and now in our personal situation in life for what ever that may be – personal relationships, employment and so on

It would be annihilation of ourselves if we were to do so in going through the old dark doorway – which we are unable to now

In certain areas of ones life there is a situation usually mainly one or it could be more, where what one did or utilised in the past that ‘worked’ is no longer ‘working’

And a very new way is needing to be CREATED for one to move through further into ones very new Platform energetically that is here for us

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Now this can cause massive confusion, anxiety and depression and much more when one is not in realisation of this just transpiring only recently – by this I mean, lets just say from the start 2018 – that is only now in sharing this here and now finally coming through for me to share with you from 8D in Spirit filtering this down through to 6/7D in my human embodiment – I say this for those souls who like to ‘jump the gun’ and say that have already been going through this or have done this as this is from a much higher level for us ALL than what we have ever ‘known’ before – that is only now coming through from my Monad/Oversoul through to human personal experience as an Ascension Pioneer/Trailblazer/WaySeer – in linking our Spirit to our Soul”

Please remember that you are ‘Not Alone’ in the human being – as I receive (and live) so much more than I share – as this was said to me recently by two souls that I know who said: ‘I am glad I am not alone in what I am experiencing’ – they ‘know’ ‘I am always right here with you’ – yet for them to say this, it is about this coming through in the Human Being now. As many (me included) have done so much by ourselves for so very long, especially Blue Rays, as we tend to do more ‘behind the scenes’

As Yes there is another soul who is very real and very here in the Human linking to Spirit, who has linked both and has two souls, that has paved the ‘way’ in linking them through our Emotions for and with Humanity, so please, in the Human read and feel this…as you will when you are ‘ready’ to – as I was very guided by Spirit to address and share this here and I trust that this is needing to be shared to be felt by others

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As we move Onwards and Upwards in both Soul and Spirit of the Divine in Unconditional Love, Truth and Honesty starting with OURSELVES FIRSTLY in TRUSTING in ourselves and the DIVINE

As always I am right here with you

All I share and bring through is as a template for humanity in linking our Spirit to our Soul through our emotions from 23yrs of personal experience.

Much Unconditional Love, Truth and Honesty

Anastacia Kompos
Ascension Pioneer/Trailblazer/WaySeer
Personal 1:1 Divine Guidance/Healings of self are available

Anastacia is in Service to humanity and Gaia as an Ascension Pioneer/Trailblazer/WaySeer – in linking Spirit from 8D to Soul in 6/7D Human Embodiment – in real-time experience as a template for humanity

You are welcome to share this post and others, with full credit given to the author and is kept in original complete content and intact. All rights reserved. Anastacia Kompos 2018 Copyright ©


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