Rick Jewers – You are reminded that nothing stops nor prevents this Ascension from moving forward as Divinely scheduled. All events surrounding this Ascension have been timed beforehand with Our ability to also tweak certain events and alter the histories, if required to be more beneficial. Also, as part of proper placement for some individuals, some of their Earthly memories will be lost and/or altered. If certain memories cause distraction or enough hindrance to an individual, they will be dropped from their memory.

Your word is never hindered on the internet, censorship by social medias only expedites their implosion. New avenues will immediately be set up for You if required, as the expansion of Awareness continues. Over half of the planet’s population is Aware, out of that number, less are Awakened. However, All that are Aware, are on the threshold of Awakening, and each day, many of the Aware are Awakening. The transition is indeed in full swing.

You are still in “clean-up” mode, the cleaning up of the enslavement systems and those that run them. As each one of them are taken from this timeline, they are placed on the lower two 4D Timelines left intact for other Soul experiences. There is much documentation on the internet of the complex takedown of the systems and it is truly happening. What takes the linear time, is that there are/were so many that are required to be publicly exposed, and this is done accordinly. Only so much could be digested by the Human mind at one time, so linear time places the dots for easier connection and understanding, a process.

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Keep pushing Your Light into the depths of the corrupt systems, to push forward the Darkness for others to see. Do not put Love into the systems, for this will cause those not Awakened, to not see the depths, Your Love would create a veil that would make them complacent. Support of the systems must be alleviated, in all ways, including Your energy support.

900 Dark ships were taken out of this timeline several days ago.They were under quarantine but broke Universal Law once again and were permanently removed this time without hesitation. This is and will be directly reflected into the expedition of planetary clean-up.The remnants of Darkness continue to fight a war that has already been won by the Light in 2012, nevertheless, because of their trickery intents, they believe they are being tricked and that there is a salvation for them.This is no concern for the Light, either the Dark remnants comply with Universal Law or they are eradicated, very simple.

To all adversaries of Light upon the planet, it is in Your best interests to give it up and surrender Now. To the Darkness, You have unbeknownst to You, set up self-destruct sequences within all the enslavement system You created, and there is NO way out for You. 

Love and Light


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