Paula Fontannaz Nota Nebbagui –  As of 4:00 Am ,the Diamond Emerald Gold Ray Flame has officially been blanketed over Gaia. Anchoring process is in motion. The energies are no longer in stasis. It’s all about truth reveal. Masculine feeling feminine, feminine feeling masculine. Why?

All imbalanced powers within has to come to surface to rebalance itself to point zero. Please ask the awakened astrological wayshowers, for reasons why in that aspect. A lot of opposing energies.

Conflict within will occur , and it will be even more challenging as the month of March comes into full force.

I know, I have been relaying the message that full force will be 16,17,18,but because of all the acceleration within the collective, it’s been agreed upon to accelerate the move.
Sirian mother ship is over east coast , surveying process. That is why some awakened have seen the pulsing Sirian activation star.
The light fractals are at its strongest powers. Remember you are receiving power ups from other benevolent star systems who have agreed to assist this Holy freedom.
For the sleepers , well , spirals of all levels and hues will be pounding at their density. Spirals will turn down.

The more heart based collective will feel it somewhat more gracious.
In order to see your Christ , you need to free fall into the anti Christ. See it face it , purge it. Zero point Holy You is where you need to rise to.

More anchoring in this grid the more it will power up. So the more you will feel it. Please , go quiet , go peaceful, ground out and soooo hydrate the vessel. Distilled water is suggested. But earth water will do. Your vessel needs that buffer. Shield your energy fields in love. Your eyes will go through a hyper calibration. So no concern. Take off the glasses randomly in the days. Let eyes see the real. Not the illusion that the glasses make you see. I took my glasses off during my hike yesterday, I was sooooo much taller than 5’4.
Teams , help each other, don’t permit the alienation from love. Support , strengthen , acknowledge. Be Love.
Info in as I receive.

I love you. For in you I am.


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