Morgan Lee – 1st March, 2018 offered another level of embodiment, like an actual step into the New Earth itself.

A friend said to me it is a time of surrendering to the higher self . For Me, it feels like the quickening , like the old self resides alongside the new self and each moment presents opportunity for new choice . The old self struggling to let go the new self commanding movement forward into the unknown .

This is currently causing a flipping in and out of feeling.

Cognitive dissonance at it ‘s worst.

The human trying to understand what is going on and the higher self, showing the NEW way.

The cognitive dissonance only caused by resistance of the old human mind and the new conscious human.

The human self wanting to hang on, and the higher self, waiting for the old human mind to surrender.

Many of the things that you dreamed of, presenting themselves and at the same time, the human mind having to let go, surrender , let go, and surrender, again.

Many have worked for years or decades towards something, or having dreams that the human 3D could not ever see happening and as of yesterday, the most amazing, miraculous event’s occurring , showing you, that EVERYTHING that a part of you, knew was possible, is actually manifesting into your, now moment new reality.

It feels like a quickening, like everything is moving too quickly the human old mind is attempting to keep up with what is possible.

The human mind at one level knows that the energetic shift has already occurred and you are simply being called forth to begin to action those energies and the other part confused, attempting to catch up with the incredible energetic shift, which has actually occurred.

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The human is being called to follow the guidance of the higher self plan, regardless of what the human fears. To make those plans, action the matching energies and as the human resists, more discomfort is experienced.

Take those actions, do that thing, more towards love and move through the fear of the human self mind chatter.

Some are experiencing incredible life change and some are experiencing this more subtely, no matter, you are at the highest point of frequency alignment and you are being asked and guided to do what goes against the human based fears of the old world.


BREATHE, Surrender, allow and let go. Hand the wheel over. Courageous new choice in required. Against you old human instincts, each moment of new choice , landing you on new ground again.


And all will be beyond what the human mind could only so far imagine.

You are Love in Action, you have done what was required to be done and now you , YOU instruct yourself from a whole new perspective again.

It is difficult for the old human , but each moment, conscious agreement, surrender and letting go, assists your new neural pathways to embody this new way of being and this New Earth.

Walk towards love in all moments.

They will follow, when they are ready and in the meantime, you will discover your soul family there, waiting for you.

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Be love New huMan, be love.


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