Meg Benedicte – As we travel through the corridors of time in the dismantling of past enslavement programs, we come across prevalent operating systems of control. Some operate in the background of our personal lives, while others have a much bigger impact on global consciousness. These operating systems set the tone and power base for the collective. One of the dominant operating systems now collapsing is patriarchal rule.

In its simplest terms, patriarchy is a system of society or government in which men hold the power and women are largely excluded from it. With the rise of the divine feminine, this operating system is no longer sustainable or tolerable. It is being pulled down, inch by inch, by modern society. When we step beyond gender roles, patriarchy rewards aggression, competition, entitlement and superiority. Anyone can adopt and adapt to patriarchal programming. We all were born into it.

The Ascension process includes the clearing of all external operating systems that prevent Soul Presence. As the patriarchal operating system falls away, we are being called to replace it with an authentic power source. Those who misused it for personal gain will experience a healing crisis, an opportunity for balancing past injustices. Those who were victimized will experience a new awakening, embracing personal power within.

When we live disconnected from Soul Presence, we are not in the ‘driver’s seat’ of life. It is like flying a plane without a pilot, no one is directing the flow. In actuality it is the chaos field running our lives. For every positive action there is an equal negative reaction. In the patriarchal system, in order to win someone has to lose. We are rudderless in a sea of conflict and aggression.

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The shifting consciousness offers a rare opportunity to replace the dying patriarchy with a new operating system. As we shed skins of abuse, our field opens to receive divine Presence. With each level of Soul essence activating within, we are evolving beyond patriarchy and entering a new paradigm that is collaborative and inclusive. We are switching from living under the rule of ego power to following Soul power. It is a definitive shift in power structures. It is liberating!

In tomorrow’s New Earth Central webcast I will be offering Ascension Activations that assist you in shedding the patriarchal programming, so you can shift in Soul empowerment. Join Manette and I tomorrow, Saturday, March 3rd at 12pm Pacific/ 3pm Eastern. The show will include your Ascension questions and ‘live’ transmissions to assist your transformation into the new paradigm. Register to attend here:

Lovingly, Meg Benedicte


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