Natalia Alba – Beloved Light Emissaries, The reconfiguration that our Planet is experiencing, in this transition, is going beyond our human understanding. The need for us to create balance, loving, and conscious, intentions, is vital to be able to hold the purity required for us to continue working with Earth Grids and the reconstruction that not just the Grids are experiencing but certain sacred sites on Earth as well as their connection to the stargates.

Everything is moving into another location, therefore codes and everything of the physical too – is being shifted to be aligned to its new dimensional space. The ones who work with New Earth Grids, or the unique words you use to name your own soul role, know, for we are not just informed in the astral but many of grid workers, not all, have as their main mission to travel and physically work with them as well. So they may have noticed how they being sent to different locations, this goes especially for the ones who are meant to work with certain grids, not in general, as for example the ones who restore the grids connected to Earth’s roots and so on, and may have noticed the places – mountains etc – where they used to go, have changed, for everything is now relocating within a new space to be able to align with the 5D timelines.

As you may already know I recently began to be asked – by my Unified Self and later on by conscious companions who would like to assist – to share about the places in Earth which are in need of assistance and even though my human self was reticent to take this step, with time, it showed me, that we are more infinitely connected that what I thought, for people from all over the world contact me asking me how they can assist, although as I always say, this is something they only can know by moving inward, or simply to let me know they have read it and they are assisting.

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To me, this is precious and the physical evidence of how using these modern tools wisely can help us to bring us together and try to be of greater assistance, as One. My mission, a solitary one, in all senses, has been a challenging path, for not always the human feels accompanied. However, the more I open myself to share, the more I find souls that were meant to touch my life, in unique and precious ways, that enrich it, at the same time.

We are never alone, even though by personal essence and mission, we not all are meant to travel, reunite etc, and feel lonely sometimes, our Unified Self will always orchestrate everything in a perfect way for All, simply to remind us not just of our mission, and strength to be able to fulfil it, but the wondrous reminder that we are many, connected, at all times, and that above our sense of individualism, we are never alone.

I was told that there are going to be new openings, for the March equinox, to work with the bridging and healing, of old and new earth grids in certain areas of the Planet, for the assistance received, from both a physical and non-physical plane, has made it possible. The Equinox ‘s light amplification will allow us to be of service during weeks, for the influx will be received for not just one day.

There are many areas, as it is Russia, and other places that the work will take more than we may think. On the opposite there are other places which grid restoration is easier, for they do not have such a deep damage and, if united, the work is possible and will have a deeper impact.

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For the grid workers or others who feel guided to work on the restoration of the grids, the areas I was told by my Unified Self to work with, for they will benefit from this opening/amplification, from the Equinox are:

• The triangle between Myanmar (Birmania- Burma), Both Koreas, and the Philipines sea to Vietnam.
• Syria
• Turkmenistan
• Afghanistan
• Ukraine
• Turkey
• Surinam
• Cuba

There are more areas that you may feel that need assistance, for as the master and healer that you all are, you may receive more places, this is just what I received. Thank you for all the love, kindness and assistance wherever you are. This new influx from the Equinox is already being strongly felt. Since December, we have not had much time to rest, for this is a constant passage of integration.

It may feel as if physical challenges and/or other issues, may never cease. This is due to the huge impact that a non-lineal reality is having upon ourselves. For we are beginning to experience a faster reality and acclimatising ourselves to it. We have yet to master expanding or contracting time, by how we feel in each moment.

Thanks to all who feel guided to reunite, with me and bring deep healing for All, in planes beyond the physical, where distant does not exist, and send your love and healing to these and other places you feel guided. Since I was guided to share about Earth Grids, I never felt so much accompanied.

Thanks for all you are and do for All from a total space of purity, unconditional love and compassion to All beings and their different choices.

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With infinite love and compassion to All,

Natalia Alba

Art by: Artur Rosa

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