matahariji – Dearest beloveds, Greetings of the most high. We come forth in this hour of your time with an important update regarding the recent energetic portal that has opened up since the last solar eclipse. For many many of you on the twin Soul Ascension path, these last two weeks have witnessed many of you seeming to spiral backwards on your evolutionary path, and this experience has manifested as many of your deepest darkest core wounds being fully stimulated and triggered in this Gateway.

We would like to inform you that the Ascension energetics have been exceptionally intensified in the last few weeks, and as we have explained over and over again in all of our sacred offerings, these portals will continue to increase in energetic intensity the closer we arrive to the full and actual tipping point whereby the collective consciousness of Gaia  transitions into the fifth dimensional frequency band on a collective level, and it is this which we would like to speak to you about today.

Dear ones in the deepest recesses of your higher heart-your thymus gland, buried in the darkest caverns of your pineal gland, there is a memory of an “event” that is predestined to take place in your lifetime, and this “event” will be so powerful that it will Trigger the spiritual and kundalini Awakening of the masses.

Dear ones you all hold memories of this particular  “event”, particularly those who are vibrationally drawn to these words. But please do not involve yourself in the when’s the whys the wheres and the hows of this, as knowing this information would ruin the surprise element which is absolutely crucial to ensure its success.

We hope you understand that the “event” that we speak of has already happened on the 5th dimensional timeline reality and will be experienced and actualized as everyone stabilizes on an individual level to the vibrational frequency of Unconditional Love.

So therefore, we come unto you with an important message at this time that your only job is to stabilize in the remembrance that you are Mother Father God’s Beloved holy and precious daughter and son, and therefore your heritage is extremely high and extremely holy, and with this knowing comes the remembrance of how One, as beloved God’s offspring, vibrationally and magically draws to oneself  all that one desires.


Self-mastery must be your priority now dear ones…  those whom are vibrationally drawn to these words it is your duty to stand tall and stand firm in this Gateway for many many of our brothers and sisters are about to awaken en masse, and it is crucial for the divine plan that the wayshowers/ the starseeds/ twin Souls/ Awakened ones are stable in their knowing and Remembrance of the Divine christed self.

We hope and we pray that this message is being received by all of you. In fact you could look at it as a message that has been sent forth directly from your own higher self, to ensure you get on track, and arrive swiftly fully wedded / committed and in a deep and holy relationship with the present moment.

The Ascension energies that have been bombarding the Earth plane in the recent few weeks have yet again been upgraded and have thus transformed exponentially on a molecular level… These brand new structure of light codes / God codes will continue to pour into Gaia in this particular Ascension gateway until the entire collective consciousness of humanity is saturated in in the exalted rapturous Remembrance of who we as a divine species.

We are all Mother Father God’s children. We are all brothers and sisters. We are all one family. We are all one sacred tribe. There is no separation. Aboriginals Native americans, Africans, Irish people, Polish people, eskimos, there is no separation. We are one ocean of God’s living heart, all our blood is red, and we are all one a part of a network of profound support and Intelligence.

May you know. May you remember that you all know this. We all know this and all of this knowing and all of this Remembrance is stored in our hearts, our hearts are the most intelligent organ that we have in our body because they are directly linked to the master program of God’s heart, so therefore, as ever we emphasize the absolute necessity to place a microphone at your heart and turn the volume up very very loudly and listen acutely to what it has to say, because this is your guidance, this is your inner GPS system that will proficiently take you home to the present moment-to your highest Christed timeline and to the Beloved of your soul.

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For this is a Love Story you can be assured of that. Gaia was created as a paradise fairy tale realm whereby our creators sacred and most beloved offspring could return in order to reunite with their perfect divine counterpart.

This dance – this union of the Eternal vibrational counterparts is the primary reason why Earth was created. Earth was created as a playground for Adam and Eve for you and your beloved Shiva and Parvati, for Krishna and Radha, for the Divine mother and the Divine father. This earth is a playground of divine Union and this is the truth that we all carry in our hearts. Yet this world has sought to confuse us, and this confusion created a distortion in the  link between our consciousness and our hearts.

We are emphasizing now in these Sacred words the importance of re-establishing a clear channel between ones will, ones divine consciousness and one’s heart.

It is always our greatest honour to come forth in this way and share this divine inspiration and sacred reminders to all of us from the higher perspective, and often times the best way that we can support and be supported in our personal and collective ascension trajectory is to come together in our ascension groups.

There are many many tools and groups that the collective higher self has sent forth at this time in order to support you to proficiently stabilise in your own inherent and true spiritual mastery. It is time now brothers and sisters to reach out to your soul groups, to come together in your Ascension groups to be supported and support others as you are being bombarded with theses extremely intense Ascension frequencies.

It is from this place and only from this place that One will draw forth the Divine counterpart of one’s soul.

Therefore we would like to take this opportunity to invite you to please come forward and join your sacred energy to the 3:3:18 portal transmission which is happening at 3:33 p.m. UK time on Saturday the 3rd of March. We are calling forth Gaia’s light tribe now too deeply assist and prepare the soil of the collective consciousness field to receive the Christed seeds that eventually will become the fruits of the collective Awakening.

We as the way showers are working precisely with our higher dimensional brothers and sisters in order to ensure the successful actualisation of this prophecy and in this prophecy it is crucial that gaias light tribe come together on their grid points on these auspicious numerologically aligned dates to Anchor the bombardment of photonic light particles that have been specifically sent forth on these portal dates.


Taking part in a ceremony/activation of this nature fast Tracks your own evolution and proficiently prepares your light body to be an exquisite and empty conduit for the Christ frequencies as they firmly anchor and stabilize in your being.

There are concessions available for anybody who requests…

Gaia needs us to align now with our star brethren from within our galaxy such as the syrian star council and pleiadian star council, that we may be the Anchors, the roots and the seeds which must be planted now, to assist in the  Mass collective Awakening which is imminent.

Dear ones you will be most welcome Into this core soul group of Awakened and Awakening planetary Masters who have claimed their sovereignty and Remembrance of their heritage.

We are all one. We are all equal. God loves all his and her children equally. Hierarchy is an illusion in the sense of value and love. All is valued equally. All is loved equally by Mother Father God. There are no preferences, and their is no differentiation. You are all equally loved by mother Father God, as is Christ loved by Mother Father God because you are Christ I am Christ We are Christ. We are all Christed beings that have and are experiencing the Ascension of our consciousness from the Caterpillar to the butterfly….  The Metamorphosis is the highest alchemy whereby the shadow self dissolves in absolute Unconditional Love.

All is well dearest brothers and sisters.

May these words be as the sweetest cleansing rain pouring from your heart and your higher self, reminding you implicitly with that which you already know.

We are one Living heart

Union is all that exists and everything else is an illusion

Union with God

Union with self

Union with the Beloved

all that exists is Union

Know that and sleep well tonight

We have got this Star Family

namaste Jen Mata-hari ji and the white wolf tribe


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