The 1st of March brought through a NEW WAVE of energies that was a very big game changer for humanity, life as we knew it IS NOT THE SAME

There is much being shared and written from the Higher Self of ‘what is going to happen’ yet, there is also what this means or is in the HUMAN Being in our human reality linked with our Spirit and Higher Self – as our Spirit is linked to our Higher Self

As guided, I will be monitoring BOTH in Spirit and Soul (as I do) in living through this with you as a WaySeer/Template for Humanity, to share and bring through the bigger picture of the WHOLE of what this is for us here and now in Real Time in both the Spirit and the Soul during March

This ‘information’ is in real-time of what is happening in the bigger bigger picture for humanity that is not being shared elsewhere…as this is uniquely being shared through an Ascension Pioneer/WaySeer first hand as much is being shared about waves and events yet nothing human based in real-time and it is time for me to step up and share this

As many do not realise or are yet to learn all that ‘comes through’ others and what others share, needs to be integrated into the human being of both Spirit AND Soul

Anastacia-Blue Beyond – A NEW AWAKENING AND ACCOUNTABILITY IN THE HUMAN – 3rd March 2018

It’s time for ACCOUNTABILITY for INJUSTICES personally

Of doing a FULL CIRCLE and starting again with others

As there is a WHOLE NEW AWAKENING IN THE HUMAN that has just come through with the 1st of March energies!

Where ‘something doesn’t feel quite right’ within in the accountability of the masculine negative/dark energies that have now been BROKEN THROUGH

This is still going on and being felt energetically

Of encounters of the masculine/male energies being no longer able to survive in the OLD ARCHAIC WAY OF DOMINANCE BY SUPERIORITY

Many confrontations with males and females of breaking through masculine dominant energy

Being ‘torn to shreds’ energetically in the human and spirit (see personal stories shared below)

The ‘focus’ energetically is on the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine balancing

With more focus on the masculine being healed by being ‘torn to shreds’

In both Spirit and Soul is what the ‘difference’ is here

For an Empath this is quite horrific/traumatic as this is being felt in BOTH SPRIT AND SOUL and here is a perfect example of this as to some personal instances that occurred on 1st of March:

“I today felt totally abused by one of our law enforcement officer’s.

I understand I didn’t act accordingly whilst driving to work but to have her own personal wrath put on to me in how she reacted was so abusive that i was left shaken up all day

She was obviously not on duty but had her police uniform on..she tailgated me to my workplace parking lot and unleashed her fury onto me in such a relentless way I started to cry….

I got into the left hand lane while driving and whilst she was in front of me with a few other cars in the right lane there was a red light up ahead about to turn green (I was running a bit behind) so when I got into the left I did accelerate when the light turned green and indicated to get back into the right lane as it was to merge into 1 lane up ahead anyway…this obviously pissed her off big time so she tailgated me for another 8 kms

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I had no idea she was a police officer at that stage I didn’t even know she was following me until I turned into the parking lot at work , she did too and parked me in..she got out of her car like a bat out of hell and unleashed on me..she wasn’t on duty obviously….I was stunned and shocked…she yelled at me and then accused me of playing on my phone which I wasn’t…she then nailed it by yelling that she had to go tell a 17 year olds parents that he was killed in accident whilst on phone or something to this felt like I had just killed someone I than just totally lost it and cried

She asked me for my drivers licence…I just gave it to her still shocked and shaking at this stage people at next door businesses were witnessing this…apparently she went back to her car took a photograph from her phone and gave me back my licence..she then said to me she will do a check and to think myself lucky if I don’t get anything in the mail?

Everyone is telling me to make a complaint to our local police station…even now I still don’t feel right about what happened

I feel so small right now she made me feel like the worst person in the world”

This person shared how this was so big they could feel this going back through her life and generations and was bigger than just her…and how this would not break her as she had already been through so much in life…also that something did not sit right with this and she had to follow up and put a complaint in

Which she did and the result was they found the officer, she was in her own private vehicle and was let know she should never have followed her let alone abuse her and take her license and that she has/will be spoken to/reprimanded

And that ‘normally’ the police wouldn’t care about this kind of complaint and sweep it under the carpet and she also said how this totally changed and she felt this healing went out to humanity as this was bigger than just this isolated situation

Let me share that in the bigger picture this was a prevention of this energy going any further by this soul reporting this in BOTH SPIRIT AND SOUL – as this stopped this happening again energetically with this officer…as this female officer was very masculine and aggressive – and in the past, say 6-12months ago she would not have been strong enough to report this

This is not the only situation either…there was a situation at a school where a teenager, actually two teenagers of the same age in two different states in Australia that were both suspended from school for doing something that ‘back in our day’ would not have been an issue…again both on the same day March 1st

For those teens this was a warning for them to shake them up, to help them to shift from whatever path or older energy path they were on…and not only this, one of these involved a high ranking school member being hauled over the coals (by the parent) of an injustice that was again felt so strongly that something just didn’t sit right deep in this parents soul and higher in Spirit…as this too was part of breaking through the old archaic masculine energy superiority that was involved in this situation

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As the parents of these two teens could also feel this was ‘different’ and much bigger than this isolated situation, remember that this also occurred in the astrals in Spirit as well…they could feel this also went out to humanity

We have reached a very real and further point of where we are unable to just sit back and leave things now…it is speaking up and breaking through to be HEARD and FELT in Spirit and Soul = BOTH

Instead of not saying anything in the past, where something doesn’t sit well with us, it is the injustice that we are unable to now let go of it is the ACCOUNTABILITY that one feels deeply in their soul that they are unable to ‘rest’ unless they follow this through further than they would have or differently to how they may have in the past AND THIS HAS CHANGED AND CAME THROUGH ON MARCH 1

For Blue Rays/Empaths its like we are not able to be true bitches or a**holes and its like that gene is not in us, we are not of that cloth…and so we need to protect from others even more

To not ‘let our guard down’ even with those closest to us

As many are jealous of us as we come from unconditional love in what we say and do and if they do not, they lash out at us and its mis-directed as that is the space they are in not us especially those with Narcissistic Traits!

So the sooner and the more we own our ‘stuff’ and who we are then others have ‘nothing on us’ as our ‘slate is clear’ so-to-speak

It’s like walking into a room that has some dark corners, when there is an interaction with another person…and we come in with our bright light of no corners being dark and as we have owned our ‘stuff’ it illuminates the whole room and anything nasty they have to say goes no where, no corners to hide…this is the ULTIMATE SELF-EMPOWERMENT

Talk about rise and shine in a new way that now after the vision/dream I shared recently of a mass wave of grey outlines of people rising up and leaving and being healed of the ancient and generational dark energies being released with the coming through of the 1st March

We are literally fighting or breaking through for the freedom of our past! And a new freedom for ourselves of self empowerment in the human

Past life, Ancient and Generational of older darker forces/energies as this is so much bigger than just us!!

Part TWO
There are many more instances others have shared with me with their children, younger children at school in the last few days since March 1 and also there are situations at work that is occurring, as well again with those in authority positions or in a masculine dominant energy

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This is not going to ‘go away’- this will continue for March this re-adjustment and re-alignment from Spirit which is linked to our higher self and Soul due to the recent huge release (see BB post 1st March)

Humanity is starting to fully awaken in the human and it has taken the release of the dark grey bodies with white souls (BB post 1-3-18) – the ancient and generational dark energies that have been transmuted that Romeo Baron shared as:

“Gaias Heart has been massively healed from left overs of the dark”

So too are our hearts in the Human Being in Real Life – being newly massively healed from the dark of the past, ancient, generational energies and so this flows to us in the human from Gaia of releasing this from us in the HUMAN

The above and the below

As this recent wave or ‘event’ on the 1st of March has cleared this from Spirit

Keep going keep going keep going – as the dark load of generational energies in spirit of the generational wounding/trauma HAS NOW BEEN RELEASED

As again there are many that are now awakening in the HUMAN and coming into the human to deal with what is needing to be broken through


Which is enabling a very new connection to ones Higher Self…it is clearing the blocks of the past that has now been released and also breaking through the head/logic to feel and integrate the connection into the human

As no longer are those who are spiritually awake able to continue to come from the head/logic and push through as one once did

As it is one thing to be spiritual awake and then awake in the human and in LINKING SPIRIT TO SOUL

To awaken in the HUMAN in a new profound way

Of feeling emotions and feelings that one was not ‘able’ to go into deeper or further before


As always I am right here with you

All I share and bring through is as a template for humanity in linking our Spirit to our Soul through our emotions from 23yrs of personal experience.

Much Unconditional Love, Truth and Honesty

Anastacia Kompos
Ascension Pioneer/Trailblazer/WaySeer
Personal 1:1 Divine Guidance/Healings of self are available

Anastacia is in Service to humanity and Gaia as an Ascension Pioneer/Trailblazer/WaySeer – in linking Spirit from 8D to Soul in 6/7D Human Embodiment – in real-time experience as a template for humanity

You are welcome to share this post and others, with full credit given to the author and is kept in original complete content and intact. All rights reserved. Anastacia Kompos 2018 Copyright ©


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