Amanda Lorence – The calling and unified work at the Tor yesterday is clear. You assisted, from heart, perhaps more than you know. I honour and thank you from this heart.

The blue, pink and white crystals, offered to the two archways/gateways on the Tor signified to SOURCE, the MASS/COLLECTIVE human TRINITY ultimate and final acknowledgement pre-Shift.

That trinity being:

Father, Mother, Child or
Father, Son, Holy Spirit or
Mind, Body, Soul or
The Three Buddha Bodies

It matters not how one chooses to describe or perceive this, it is ONE of the SAME final stage Trinity and truth for humanities Collective.

Seen first was as rainbow aura around the tower, followed by white aura. The three crystals presented in ceremony on behalf of the collective to both Gates was NOW time giving of mass humanity to Gaia’s heart, thus ALL heart (Source). A colbalt blue orb appeared serving as true confirmation of the various acts given out at the Tor. There is much information already received and NOW being received relating to Gaia’s heart chakra and her recent activation stage. The work MANY have given in energy form via their HEART to the Tor over decades/centuries added layer upon layer of multiple sequential activations, building over ‘linear time’ in ENERGETIC SEQUENCE to this point, where her protected sealed state is NOW finally open. This is why so many humans have been drawn to the Tor, to work energetically, perform ceremony on the Tor at key gateway points over the ‘years’, working locally OR at linear distance with the Tor. Linear time and distance are but part of the illusionary ‘space’ the Third Dimension experiences from. Each human’s affinity with her is REAL, KNOWN, SEEN by her and at all higher levels. She was previously ‘sealed’ for her protection. She is NOW fully activated, open and FULLY protected at higher levels for this forthcoming collective era of mass change. At higher frequency level and at higher human level of observation, a large blue and violet dragon is NOW seen. It now resides and flies above and around the Tor. This dragon is just part of her overall protection.

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It is to be noted that the TOWER itself only assists the Tor’s Heart Chakra serving as an energetic funnel for energies incoming and outgoing of Gaia. The historical building itself is not the chakra, only assist the chakra. The mound (hill) is the chakra. From this chakra, Gaia emits light frequency energies to all of her chakras throughout the world, whilst also receiving the energies each other chakra sends out. Gaia’s chakras therefore serve as the energetic transmission system working outside of linear time.

At this stage, I remote view and connect to the Tor and physically go up as directed. I will be receiving inter-galactic information for humanity via the Tor (serves as a portal) as and when transmission comes in. I’ll pass on as directed.

For highest collective outcome, there is still much that is still ‘sealed’. Many humans on planet have information they literally, physically can not speak. Meaning, they are aware of an energetic block in their throat/mouths, serving as a divine SEAL, that physically prevents some data being released out of their physical operating system. These humans are ancient souls, serving Source direct. This is an ‘ancient’ (higher) energetic method of ensuring the MOST HIGHEST OUTCOME prevails, which is always based only on divine Love.

Whilst each are at their own stage, emphasis is on the stabilisation of your human aspect. It is known that many are already/will panic and worry about this point in the ascension process. Please note, the 5% of human brain we have been using, only transmits based on this lifetime’s human experience. The ascension and awakening process activates via ongoing process, dormant parts of the physical human brain. We are not our bodies or our brain, we are a consciousness experiencing a lower level of consciousness, FROM a higher UNIFIED level of consciousness. The MASS Ascension process allows for the remembering and physical unification of that UNIFIED level of consciousness we always have been.

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It is natural to a third dimensional conscious human brain to want to know ‘when’ the Event will occur. It has always been my humble opinion (use your own discernment) that NO ONE will know the hour or date of the expected incoming wave. To know with certainty in advance, would in itself change the timeline and alter the experience that in truth, has already occurred (we in human form have already done this). I therefore can’t be drawn into dates being given out via the experience of others within this illusionary experience. No one knoweth the hour, that’s the whole point! We have/are/will receive ‘markers’ and ‘information’ but no one will know exactly, for it will contain the element of human sunrise in order for each of us to react from our overall frequency state at the ‘time’ of the Event.

In these days pre-shift, the only work is within, and comes from within: Knowing each ‘HUMAN’ has their individualised trajectory. Their path is written (CRYSTALine Programme pre-birth). So at this hour, to practice BEING, practice in BEing the calm and of the balance, to practice and experience inner stabilisation of ONEself, to breathe sacred breathe in and out is to BE of the greatest, highest service to your own experience and thus contribute to the WHOLE, as Love. To do the work that shows up in one’s experience and thus feel and find that freedom that results from any deep INNER work and looking truthfully in all moments. Doing all this NOW prepares your body and your mind, your state, in advance of your mental, emotional and physical reaction to the MASS incoming wave when it arrives. HOW do YOU wish to experience it…? Practice that…be that NOW, is my advice. Be the calm. Be the Love. Be the balance. Be such starlight, for YOU ARE.

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So, so much love. One Love.
AL 03/03/18


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