March Ascension UPdate
Anastacia-Blue Beyond

We will go through many upgrades and changes over the coming weeks during March

It is the continual ebb and flow of life and each wave or each ebb and flow can alter or change in the blink of an eye

This changing from moment to moment has come through in the last 2 days – in a way of monitoring humanity and being connected to Source with a direct link – that we have not encountered before

The ‘usual’ going with the flow in allowing plans to eventuate and being guided as in the past has altered

This ‘guidance’ is changing and can change literally in a moment of one second one feels to do something and then a second later this alters!

This IS different to recent ‘living in the moment’ than pre March

Such rapid changing in a moment in upgrading more and more with our New Spiritual Emergence is really ‘testing’ to those who like to ‘control’ from the outer and are not following or feeling on the Inner

Or are still ‘trying’ from the head as trying = failure with success

As Childhood wounds are surfacing

We are in a transition of adjusting to others energies close to us either family or those we may work with that can ‘represent’ a member of our family!

Now this is very big for those who are empaths as they are so used to having their hearts open and their energy out without quite realising

Especially those who came from their heads before due to being in a work environment where one needed to process logically

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Lots of generational healing from this lifetime with parents, children and siblings = ALL

Everything has been taken up a notch to another level!!!

Where we are unable to carry anyone energetically as in, we have been doing this without even realising!

Due to shifting to a newer level where we no longer need to as we were in the older spaces or energies…as back then it wasn’t carrying but now it is, get it??

If we continue on in the older way or responding and behaving that is

As if we do, we then will find we will be carrying others’ energies when now we don’t need to

We are each responsible for our own energies as so much is coming up for people to work through and clear, as some are aware and some are not

We need to carry on in our own spaces and again BRING OUR ENERGY BACK INTO OURSELVES

It’s not just once we do this…as we need to do this over and over until we like re-train our energy to come back in from the old space/s as from March 1st when ‘life as we know it is not the same’

As due to each person being in their own spaces and whether they have changed or not, you/we need to pull back into our own new spaces due to our recent New Spiritual Emergence (prev post)

So its a follow on of our energy consciously we are bringing in from our older spaces as this has been a game changer

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It does take a little ‘time’ in doing so as well

This is the ‘time’ for us to now LIVE what we KNOW

As ‘Knowing and experiencing are World’s apart’

To now FINALLY implement all we may have known or read or from ones mind or from the Spiritual into the HUman BE-ing

And this takes conscious monitoring of oneself and ones energy

There is no ‘room’ now for floating along or ‘waiting’ for others to ‘change’ or ‘get things’

This is about YOU stepping up-to-the-plate for YOU

Of taking ones focus off others and really really, coming back into oneself

As this really is about YOU, now more so that ever before as this really is energetic survival

In both Spirit and Soul

As always I am right here with you

All I share and bring through is as a template for humanity in linking our Spirit to our Soul through our emotions from 23yrs of personal experience.

Much Unconditional Love, Truth and Honesty

Anastacia Kompos
Ascension Pioneer/Trailblazer/WaySeer
Personal 1:1 Divine Guidance/Healings of self are available
Anastacia is in Service to humanity and Gaia as an Ascension Pioneer/Trailblazer/WaySeer – in linking Spirit from 8D to Soul in 6/7D Human Embodiment – in real-time experience as a template for humanity
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