Paula Fontannaz Nota Nebbagui – As of early this morning March 7, at 3:30 Am. Quad 3, or SW , was officially connected. As you are all experiencing this connection to The Holy Love Truth Grid , you are feeling the gradual intensity of the calibration.

There will be a full re-calibration of endocrine system. It’s receiving such intense frequency and vibration that’s it’s bringing on temporary symptom of autoimmune issues. Such as joint locking, musculoskeletal tightness, tenderness on specific points of skin , like cyst like hardness. Pituitary will activate the higher knowledge, thyroid will bring lethargy , dryness of skin. Thalamus, feel like sharp paining in central chest , expansion of God /Spirit,heartspace.
Lymphatic system drainage. These are just a few examples.
We want to say”the heat is on”
Central core earth is beginning to rumble somewhat more. Pulling on the magma energetic currents to create a pressure of shift. Tectonic plate shifting will be more prevalent as the blanket covers more of the waters.
It’s also about the molecular restructuring of water. The healing of waters ,the cooling , current movement, sea life healing. Waterways shifting. The power of the waters will be shown , so collective will understand the very true importance of water within and without.
Now it will also be dealing with the Devient part of humanity , the black magic sorcery. This is carried in template and timeline as well as DNA. It’s the true funk of the forefather.
Intolerances, division , hatreds, angers , souls rising that were sacrificed at the hands of devients. The dead will all rise on the quad clearings.
So in essence this will deal and be shown the Anti/Christ behaviors.
Teams are more readily available for assistance. It’s just in the asking.
Governmental exposure, monetary shakiness , raptures within religious sects.
The principles of Hermetics will be in review. Please research them , for information.
Secret societies will be spotlighted for what falsity laid within the structure.

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But also pay attention to the gifts that Gaia is giving. The elemental kingdoms , rise to play, the hues of nature awaken to the human eye , the skies are displaying spectrums of light that haven’t been permitted to be shown. The sky waters will cleanse , bring to life veins that have been dried by tyranny.
Winds will push and destroy, leaving space for new growth.
Fires will burn , leaving fertilizer for pure new plant life.
Loves, intensity within is rising. The feeling of spiraling downward to transcend to spiraling upward is imminent. Fleeting but necessary.
Practice the existence of “living in the uncontrollable moment” it will assist you to stay neutrally In the Pure I Am.
The Pure Heart Gold Love.
It is your Divine Birthright , To live in love light and peace.
Unity , Sovreignty , High Heart Bliss is the gifting that bloodlines are offering. But, the cleansing is a must. It’s for the Betterment of All.
Release , permit , allow , forgive , love.
This is an imminent movement, loves. We as One can no longer tolerate crimes against humanity , period.
A couple of days of Grace shall be given , to assimilate the powers that are placed to transcend the Anti/Christ back to the perfect , Christ Consciousness to the Solar Christ Consciousness.
My love for you is infinite. Vast , My Heart as Mother takes you in , holds you , nurtures you in adoration. For in you I Am.
Your Kingdom rejoices at the receiving of Love.

SA’RA. , Zoraya. I Am I Am I Am.


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