Soluntra King – In September 2017 the new Creation Matrix was anchored through the sacred landscape and star fields of Avebury. Ourselves in the Star Councils orchestrating the divine plan in Earth Star union, the Stars that we are.

Now the next level of birthing through the Star fields in us. The Starlines aligned the opening of our remembrance as the Creator Goddess Gods here returned in physical bodies as we open to the vastness of our being. The DNA matrix unfolds its true potential.
We will be operating from our Star Light bodies, that came through the West Kennett Burrow doorway in 2016, and now ready to illuminate though the collective consciousness of those who are open to living in the higher dimensional Earth and from the heart centred realms of trust, love and joy of life. No longer burdened by the illusionary world of fear and control.

We will meet at the Serpents Head and the 6D New Earth grid point to prepare our bodies in the frequency and vibration. That will carry us through this journey and mission for the birthing of the Cosmic Egg at Silbury Hill primordial mound that holds the full potential of new life, New Earth. That goes out into the collective that assists everyone to resonate in the heart song of the New Earth and from their divine presence and soul. In readiness for the transfiguring process that is taking place within us all worldwide.

The birthing of the Cosmic Egg at the sacred Earth Mother mound with the primordial waters surrounding and the cosmic ocean through the landscape, leylines and New Grid system of the New Earth. The new grids are birthed through the sacred mounds, the core mound on Terecia Azores that activated October 2017 after the seventh planetary link, Aries Full Moon up though the master crystal skull there. that reenergised the old grids and recalibrates the dragon lines worldwide as well as the creation of new grids that support the higher frequency light that the Inner Earth Sun now beams out to us as well as the new light codes of the sun that beams out to us.

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Following on from the Light Template anchored in 2016, the new Creation Matrix and Starlines 2017 now in this year of divine union as we embody our goddess god feminine masculine divine essence into the birthing of new worlds and here on Earth the old and the new merge to shine through the Cosmic Egg opens to unfold our true essence through our physical body and the physical Earth.

** I knew from previous work over many years at Silbury and more recently In September 2017 and October 2016 that is holds the cosmic egg and then found that Michael Dames, who wrote in the 70’s of his theory that Silbury hill was constructed to represent the pregnant figure of the Earth-mother itself. Dames became aware that the outline formed by the moat surrounding Silbury resembled other prehistoric images of the Earth-mother.

We are now oscillating in a higher frequency of Light and grounding it, so much is shifting within us and in our world now, thanks to all our love, planetary link-ups and our own awakening and unification of duality consciousness. We will be working with completely new energies; the new DNA codes as well the new grids through the New Earth and ourselves.

We have personal grids as well and are building new grids through our energy bodies to support and stabilise us as our physical body deals with the changes from carbon to crystal, to diamond and for some to pure light.

We will be not only be awakening to our origins on Earth at the time of creation and our role, but now here we are creating the foundations of the Earth for us to exist as we have always been intended..


Opening more fully to the Star Lore of Creation and here now, from our Solar System and Galaxy, through the Multiverses and higher dimensional realms.
Working with Light Body levels of higher frequency; your Star Light Body, Stellar Crystal Body and Clear Light. As well as the new DNA codes and the forty rainbow rays.


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