Amanda Lorence – Everyone has shifted up an energetic ‘gear’ due to last night’s incoming energy during sleeping mode. Generally speaking this will mean certain human role changes begin to take effect. Role change can only be truly known by the individual them self, for each human comes to Earth with THEIR unique template, path and outcome. Not all roles change. For there are Starseeds who have chosen to come in, embody higher frequency and STAY to assist the collective after the Shift point.

However, there are Starseeds who have come in to perform SPECIFIC work, and then ascend. So I speak more especially to those Starseeds that: Come in, Awaken and embody high frequency, Work divine mission for Collective Mass Ascension, Leave third dimension construct. These beings have KNOWN a specific mission would begin at divine point that relates entirely to the collective MASS ASCENSION. They have therefore spent their awakening process serving in other ways whilst growing within, whilst embodying, whilst clearing the human template, whilst rising their energetic frequency.

These people NOW experience IN EARNEST, an EXTREME focus of their inner energy. Last night’s upgrade gifts this NATURAL focus and development. They have a specific task/mission that will unfold NOW, a stage at a time, as divine timing. They receive from within, they work ONLY based on an individualised guidance system they have intuitively developed whilst awakening. Missions vary, and could be: Galactic, cosmic, planetary, inner earth, elemental, Mother Earth, animal or plant kingdoms, environmental. Current connectiveness and current SENSITIVE abilities PLUS other gifts (not typical to a human life) ONLY enhance and increase NOW that this Mission Start Point is enabled and now running.

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This is EXTREME focus, EXTREME knowing in the moment, a fine and focused detachment from third dimensional human behaviourism on the outside of us. Interaction with lower vibratory energies will be indicated as an emotion of “frustration”. Simply a sign that the sharing of ‘space’ is misaligned to your NEWLY STARTED NOW(!) Mission and therefore misaligned to what can be achieved as the Highest Good and most divine Outcome you are capable of performing for the Whole.

Discernment is NOW key at all times. Dark energies will use OUTSIDE HUMAN ENERGIES in an attempt to side track and distract from this NOW activated Mission. The dark will attempt to stop or delay your Mission, change your focus and infiltrate via any means. Vigilance is key to see the many disguises presented. Your ability to READ ALL energies allows you to take action accordingly in the Highest Alignment to Love.

The known and long awaited start of our Missions has begun. We are Love, the Highest Vibration. We shall not falter. We are focused. It shall be done.

With Love, always,
I am…22
AL 07/03/18


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