Lisa Brown – Gateways are wide open for like the 3rd day now. Super mega charging everything, re-coding DNA and re-writing programs at “warp speed”.

Human aspects “think” the Gateways are “out there”, yet that’s only “part” of the “truth”… for they are INSIDE as each opens up and are “traveled” both inside and outside too.

The ability to expand and travel is relative to each’s mega-wattage, high-voltage, super-charged, quantum CELLS… the amount of PHOTONIC LIGHT held within for access to multiple dimensions inside and outside, by way of access to the HOLOGRAPHIC FIELD/UNIVERSE/GALAXIES, as well as every physical experience too.

Each’s ability to EXPERIENCE multiple dimensions simultaneously, is determined by way of each’s ABILITY to MAINTAIN and EXPANDED STATE OF CONSCIOUSNESS in the waking/working/walking/functioning state, as well as the actual EXPERIENCES in the sleep state too.

Observing every “person” that appears, every exchange, every physical thing, every emotion, every word, THE VIBRATION and ENERGY of all, instead of focusing on what the human aspect focuses on… which is very different than the “old ways”.

The ability to TUNE-IN and to RE-TUNE entire realities through QUANTUM CONNECTION is KEY (KeyCode). To observe and see, to feel, to understand from the deepest place inside of you/each is necessary to transverse multiple dimensions simultaneously. To be able to IDENTIFY the vibration of every exchange, identify and then CHOOSE, what is fully aligned and what is not… and then to bring all into FULL CONSCIOUSNESS yourself…

Human aspects love creating an opinion, a judgement and have emotional responses that unconsciously dictate their realities. There is a need, an attachment and a “cord” attached that to a REALITY…

There are lack programs running that are not visible unless each truly looks DEEP INSIDE… OBSERVES through a rawness and a realness where nothing can “hide”.

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Releasing the old programmed reactions and beliefs and being SO IN-TUNE with yourself that you truly UNDERSTAND what’s going on INSIDE OF YOU and why you keep ALLOWING less, keep compromising, keep accepting anything that is not PURE INTEGRITY, PURE LOVE, PURE RESPECT, PURE…..

DOES THIS REFLECT BACK TO ME — UNITY, LOVE, RESPECT? or does it show me where I am functioning from a place that’s accepting/thinking/doing less….

What is the PROGRAM that I have running, what is my pattern, what is “theirs”…. these are the questions you ask yourselves as you are READY to see the BIGGER PICTURE…. and choose a different timeline/alternate reality than an unconscious KARMIC one, where each agreed to play these out until the “dance” is done, until all that energy is gone, until each is TRULY READY to COME TOGETHER on a much higher vibrational timeline where EACH is holding themselves fully accountable, fully responsible and can come from that place of PURE RESPECT AND LOVE in their actions….. it’s each’s BEHAVIOR that matters, not the words they say or the promises or even their intentions (human game too).

These frequencies/energies make each DIG DEEP… and really take a look at themselves… and what each keeps (re) creating in their own reality world.

Acceptance is KEY: Accepting everything that’s ever occured as important so each could play out Soul Contracts and clear those timelines, so each could LEARN, so each could “get done” with all of the limiting/fixed/lack beliefs and move into EMPOWERED, KIND, RESPECTFUL, SUPPORTIVE/CONTRIBUTORY Roles…. together or by each’s self, as each is important all along the way.

These frequencies show each where they still hold old unconscious programs inside, where they are not willing to stand in their own power as love and HOLD THEIR OWN NEW EARTH REALITIES IN PLACE…..

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YOU DON’T GET TO GO BACK, unless you need to learn/see, unless you need an experience to TEACH YOU what you were not willing/ready to yet see. Eventually, you will CHOOSE TO STOP re-experiencing the UNCONSCIOUS LOOP CYCLES and choose a much higher timeline/dimensional reality experience, that offers freedom, beauty, magnificence and simple, easy, peaceful, abundance that is infinite, because you stop trying to bring the old with you and you choose to let it completely go, in order to embrace “the new”, what’s always floating around in your own FIELD, waiting for you to step up and step into fulfilling your own highest roles/Soul Purposes/Galactic Missions here.

AS you are TRULY READY…. this is how all works. If you are not ready yet, then you recreate the old until the frequencies activating daily now change your DNA, which then transmits a different reality “out there” and “collapses” the old timelines/dimensional realities into “THIS MOMENT” right here.

Your human does not get to dictate “how” or “when” this occurs. This is a human perception of trying to “control” time, realities and more. “Time” is a creation of separation, held in each’s body template, so every vibration (cosmic/gamma ray activation and crystalline frequencies and plasma burst) adjusts your physical body template, whether you are aware/conscious of this or not.

Your Light Body (Energy Body/Soul Body) activates your CELLS to awaken, to shake, to move…. activates your DNA to break down/restructure itself, with NEW CODES activated 24/7 now.

Your physical body and physical reality re-harmonizing constantly now, activating your multi-dimensional aspects INSIDE OF YOU…. and each one has a different DNA CODE, transforming your physical body from your carbon-based human one into a multi-dimensional one.

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Your physical body and physical reality constantly have to re-configure, re-calculate, re-code, re-calibrate to hold these NEW DNA CODES and SEQUENCES. An immense amount of down-time is required for the body to “correct itself” and shift in & out of different dimensions and timelines constantly with ease.

The ATOMIC CODE AND STRUCTURE of your DNA IS CONSTANTLY CHANGED…. your human body is not going to respond, work or function anything like it once did. Your human aspect does not do well with this, so for each to expand their hearts and minds to a SPACE to understand and start to honor, support, assist…. certain things will occur to assist each with this.

Your old beliefs will not work anymore. Your old mentalities and methods won’t either. You can keep “trying” them, yet all you do is delay the inevitable… your body and reality becoming a multi-dimensional experience, which is VIBRATIONAL… and not a linear, fixed, controlled/conforming one.

These frequencies (which are “off the charts” daily now and have been for awhile, continue to increase substantially. This is not going to let up… it’s up to each one of you to learn to ACCLIMATE and INTEGRATE CONSTANTLY, so that your body can function easier, so that your realities can adapt easier to “this new way”.

The “old ways are gone”…. NEW EARTH is now the physical that all must constantly re-align to now. 

I love you. “This moment” will show you everything you need to know… if you are truly ready to see and open up. 

Love from Kauai,

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

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