Natalia Alba – Beloved Light Emissaries, The amplification that is coming with the Equinox is being strongly felt since a few weeks ago. As we keep approaching the Equinox on March 20, the influx received from our central Sun as well as from many other gateways and/or cosmic alignments, especially with the New Moon in Pisces, will increase tremendously, causing deep changes into our lightbodies or Merkaba, as other prefer to call it. As you already know, and to summarize, the lightbody is our energy field vehicle that is connected to our God Self, to where it comes back when we leave this human plane.

To be able to reach this unified state, first the conscious activation of our lightbbody must take place. After the initial activations, there will be many taking place, if we have chosen to evolve, as the one that many of the ascending souls, are experiencing a this transitional time. As we are now dwelling within a new dimensional space, our lightbody must adapt to these new fifth dimensional frequencies that are we also integrating.

Working consciously with our lightbody is essential to regain unity and our natural state of health, for any imbalances in it is manifested in our physical bodies in form of many diseases and/or pains. At this time, our lightbodies are being activated or recalibrated, for they are now adjusting to a new vibration.

Our lightbody holds the entire knowledge of every incarnation and selves. So as we keep activating it, more memories, as well as soul gifts will be embodied, within our physical bodies. This is important when we are working in the unification of all of our selves – past/parallel, present and future – into this individualized aspect of us incarnated at this time on Earth.

At this time our lightbody is adapting to the new planetary fabric. As a result there are many who may feel as if they need a time on their own, without much physical action, to utilize this phase to consciously assist their non-physical vehicle. At this phase, for some experiencing this inner transition, it may seem as it everything – our communication with the Illuminated Realms and/or personal Guides Team etc – may have literally closed, however, this is the natural adjustment that we need to pass through, until we prepare our human body to recognize this new frequency.

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At the moment, and one of the reasons why some people have this sense of profound polarization, a massive release is taking place, in the ascending souls as well as in the souls who are beginning to walk a conscious evolutionary path. The beings who are just awakening, will feel the deep impact of both polarities pulling to regain control, this is why some of them will react with anger, in pain or in many aggressive ways, until they master how to control these impulses as well as the unification of polarities, something we all, as humans, possess within.

As our central Sun is also quite active, the heart opening will be challenging for those who are just beginning to reclaim their freedom. There could be many beginning on this path, or simply the ascending souls who need to work on their heart center. experiencing anxiety, pain, many challenging sensations in their nervous system, between many others, due to the impact that these conscious Solar waves are bringing for all who are ready to evolve.

Dissolving old aspects of a self that has been familiar for us for so long, is not an easy process, this is why this month’s frequencies of love and compassion, first with our own selves and later one with others, is what will help us overcome whatever we need to pass from being unconscious to a conscious state. For the ascending souls who have passed through all this first activations, you may find many changes happening, in the physical, as your lightbody keeps shifting and adapting to the dimensional space we now sojourn.

Equinox message to: Stabilizers, gridworkers, New Earth Anchors & consciousness’ alchemists

There are many who work consciously with the Earth grids as well as other non-physical Earth fabrics, to assist in the transformational process that is occurring on Earth. As always, there will be more keepers of love frequency whose soul roles I do not name who feel guided to assist in this process, I cannot know or name all the infinite soul roles that exists, so whoever feel guided, it is always very much appreciated and needed, at a time when the both opposite forces collide to regain control of Earth as well as human consciousness.

Consciousness’ alchemists are the humans and non-humans beings who are assisting by bringing a fifth dimensional frequency which helps shifting the consciousness of the Planet as well as to use their gifts to alchemize consciousness, in all living organisms, not just in humans, they are connected to non-earth intelligence beings/form of consciousness and cosmic gateways that allow them to transmit this same higher frequency to Earth. This is a new term for me that I was told by my Unified Self, those whose main role will be to help in shifting consciousness, will know, the label does not matter but the essence, and intention, of what we do.

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For some people, especially the ones originated on Earth, whose consciousness are attached to eons of manipulation, and that want to liberate themselves from the soul matrix, will be especially challenging for obvious genetic, between many others, reasons. However, this is a unique time for those who are finally ready to confront their shadows and step into a free sovereign sate of being, for there was never more assistance in the Planet, as there are now.

This amplification will come not just from our central Sun but from many galactic alignments, that due to the new harmonic space our Planet occupies now, is able to receive. Light is Infinite Intelligence, whatever it touches, enriches, however, as we are co-creating with this Light, it is also our conscious task to anchor it in the physical, for we all work in unison to anchor change.

There are new openings on certain countries that allow now to anchor this new galactic wave, bringing purity to the land as well as to the Earth Grids that need restoration. Since I was invited by my Unified Self to share all I receive about Earth Grids to All, I have never felt the power of unity, in such a potent and beautiful way. Every single soul who unites in sending healing, is strongly felt for those who are connected to this mission, and for All in some other way, for all have our unique way to feel the effects of the assistance received.

In my journey, which is as many of you already know, a solitary one, is what reminds me of our strength and the power of love, when many work as One. For it has showed me I was not as “alone”, especially doing this mission, as I thought. Thanks, again, to everyone who feel guided to help restore what once was manipulated and destroyed, for in truth we came here as builders of the new, and also to everyone that has contacted me from many countries whose mission is related to it or simply who sends love. In every challenge, in every pain, remember, for we have already felt it, the power of unity.


As always if the bifurcation from old Earth has been possible is because the fifth dimensional consciousness, so to say, for it is not about the number, have been anchored on Earth, however, if another 3D Earth still exists is due to the many countries that do not allow yet a higher frequency to be anchored, this is where we also should keep uniting as one and work, for we came here to assist precisely those who need of our love and help – not to remain in the ethereal – judging what is happening or not.

Please, notice this is not about the beauty of the country but about the consciousness it holds, for as you know each country, as a collective, has a concrete essence and consciousness, this is what we work with, not with the country in itself, as some people have told me about certain countries having beautiful landscapes and so on, well this is not about this, for there is more, as for example nuclear activities, wars etc, that makes not possible to anchor a higher frequency, and we have to clean and heal it first before it can be done.

The new openings, I received, where the restoration will be possible (some may have been shared before) are:

• Republic of Mali (Africa)
• Madagascar
• Yemen
• Nepal
• Israel
• Both Koreas
• Guyana

These countries above mostly need healing and clearing so next we could pass to anchor a higher frequency. Thanks for your support, love, compassion and healing wherever you are in the world, for power knows no distances or boundaries, for it always dwell in possibility and selfless assistance to All.

Bright blessings and infinite love to All for a magical and revealing Equinox!

In love, light and service ∞

Natalia Alba

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