March Ascension Time-Line Update
Anastacia-Blue Beyond -Transition Time=NEW CREATIVITY

Transition time of feeling a little lonely or alone or ‘so what do I do now’ as we are shifting into NEW CREATIVITY

As we are ‘burning off the dross’ as we emerge to a new spiritual level – Mint Bush flower essence came at this time:

“Helps one to cope with the dross being burnt off before emerging at a new spiritual level. Just prior to any such initiation there are usually spiritual trials and tribulations that one goes through when one feels they are being tested, often to their limit. At this time there is usually a great deal of confusion and one can have a sense that everything is too difficult and too much to deal with and resolve”

Of ‘tying everything up’ so-to-speak another or next phase of where ‘we are at’ – with the March Ascension updates

Of really intense energies wanting to purge from the physical to release to blend, balance and flow = a new higher vibration platform

A Transition of the older archaic ways and methods and energies – of the ancient – flowing up and through and out of our Heart Charkas

We are progressing and transgressing through a new RE-SET

Of so much more that we could have realised of what we can achieve

Especially for those who have been consciously transmuting for so long

As we are at a TURNING AROUND ‘the corner’ point (interesting as we are at the middle of March)

As we have been the ‘event’ all along…with new waves of energies coming through like no other, especially during March

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Brazilianite came at this ‘time’:

“Carries the vibrational energy of the ancient civilisation of Atlantis and is associated with creative power of directed and focused will. These energies can assist one in extraordinary acts of creativity and manifestation.
Can amplify the potency of one’s will.
However one is cautioned to be conscious and benevolent in directing the profound power of the focused will.
Moldavite is particularly recommended with Brazilianite because of its power to accelerate one’s evolutionary progress and its attunement to the highest good”

Also again Moldavite:

“A fusion of earthly and extraterrestrial energies that are quickly felt, often dramatically in those who resonate with its power. Holding Moldavite for the first time often produces a sensation of heat, felt first in the hand, then progressively throughout the body. In some cases the heart chakra is activated, experienced as a pounding pulse, followed by sweating or flushing of the face, and an emotional release that may range from laughter to tears. Moldavite’s frequency may take some getting used to, but its profound ability to accelerate one’s personal and spiritual evolution makes it highly sought after in the metaphysical world, both for its life-altering capabilities and as a catalyst for drawing in Light to aid in Earth’s healing”

As a new opening of new Galactic energy opened up to us recently…which has led to Pandora’s box now being opened in releasing the ‘old and dark’ energies…for us to release to bring in New Light of a New Spiritual Emergence (= burning off the dross)

Of which we are in a transition of at this turn around ‘point’ during March = a NEW RE-SET


That is linked to a new opening further back to ancient creativity that we now have access to that has opened even further for us, due to the New Galactic energy opening that has now come through

So if we feel a bit restless or a bit ‘bored’ within or a little ‘lonely’, feel, breathe and release as pockets of ‘the old’ are in a transition of releasing

As we are in constant flow and flux of energies and as we accept these and this, then we can continue to clear out the ‘old’ and allow new room for new CREATIVITY

~This is for you to feel and resonate to where you are at currently as to previous March Ascension Updates as well, as I continue to share in real-time in linking Spirit to Soul in the human~

As always I am right here with you

All I share and bring through is as a template for humanity in linking our Spirit to our Soul through our emotions from 23yrs of personal experience

Much Unconditional Love, Truth and Honesty

Anastacia Kompos
Ascension Pioneer/Trailblazer/WaySeer
Personal 1:1 Divine Guidance/Healings of self are available

Anastacia is in Service to humanity and Gaia as an Ascension Pioneer/Trailblazer/WaySeer – in linking Spirit from 8D to Soul in 6/7D Human Embodiment – in real-time experience as a template for humanity

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