Comfort & Support for those Facing Challenging Times
Easter Sunday, April 1
Anyone experiencing turmoil, including friends and loved ones,
is warmly invited to receive this transmission of divine grace and comfort.
We are giving it all to the great Holy Spirit within.

If you or any of your dear loved ones are experiencing any form of challenge, this transmission may be of great benefit to you:

To support this transmission, our experienced team of transmitters are sustaining a field of pure, coherent light, which will serve to magnetize the transforming currents of Divine Grace.

Combined with your sincere intentions for healing and comfort, this container of love will significantly amplify the potential for instantaneous shifts to occur.

Setting your Intentions

We are encouraging everyone to take some time to get crystal clear on their intentions before Sunday. It is this pristine clarity that will draw forth the universal light to help manifest optimal results.

You are welcome to set as many intentions as you like but the more specific and focused, the better.

If you are having difficulty getting clear, don’t worry. The most important intention is simply ‘receive’. The light of grace knows what to do and where to go.

Registering your Loved Ones

Please consider inviting your loved ones who are experiencing pain or illness to register. You may also register on their behalf.

This transmissions is for every soul who is facing a difficult time in their journey.

We ask that you request their permission before registering to ensure that all is received in accordance with their personal wishes.

This transmission is a great act of loving service to those experiencing pain and illness.
Through our unified intent, we will build and sustain a pure and coherent field of light with the intention to magnetize the instantaneous healing power of Divine Grace.


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