Celia Fenn – As we head into the 6th day of the Solar wind stream, I have noticed two things. One, that many “seasoned” Light Worker Travelers are feeling symptoms or struggling, and that this particular Solar wind is both extended and relatively slower at 400k an hour, as opposed to 600k usually.

So Archangel Michael explained it as follows. Imagine that you are on the “Ascension Bus” and you are cruising along at 600 and feeling really ok. Then suddenly you notice a whole bunch of people at the bus stop waiting. So, if you don’t slow down they won’t be able to get on, or even see you.

So…..the bus slams on brakes and speed drops rapidly. You know how it feels when that happens, you get knocked around and g forces pin you to the seat.

But everyone gets on and soon you are back to cruising speed.

So, this is what is happening. Frequency has been dropped momentarily by the extended Solar winds to allow for a mass awakening energy. Those of us who have been cruising at high frequency have had to drop so that these people can “see” us and hop aboard. It hasn’t been much fun, slowing frequency and many of us have felt like we were wading through sludge.

But no worries, soon we will be back to our high frequency selves and we will have a whole bunch of new souls coming along on the “New Earth Express”!

I hope you are feeling better about these energies!

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I don’t usually post at 5AM….but hey this energy is crazy!


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