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Taking time out, having a break from the familiar is the message or theme running through here

It can be so easy when one is going through or feeling so much in energies and focusing on ourselves with our spiritual growth/ascension that we can find ourselves unknowingly to slip into a feeling of safety within, what becomes a routine or ‘habit’ for survival

We may do one or more of the things mentioned below as in going for a walk or having a bath, yet this too can then become a routine as well and this sort of loses the freedom of shifting the energy as it once did, before we regularly did such things

Where we can “become so attached to your surroundings that you have created within them an illusion of safety, yet it is not these things that make you feel safe. Rather, the familiarity you have imbued in your surroundings have generated this false sense of security”

Which can lead to tiredness even when we do things to help ourselves…where we can feel we are not connected to Spirit within all we are going through, even if we communicate and feel daily, this can still occur..that we can get a little ‘lost’ in our own growth and ascension that we can feel disconnected or separated.

“It is the trick of the mind that crates this sense of separation”

We are never separated from source…it is us that can become separated from ourselves of our connection

Sometimes we need to step outside of our routines, even our healing routines and methods we use daily to cope…and bring in some new shifting energy of doing something ‘else’ or new or something we have not done for a while

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To blend and incorporate something or things we used to do, or enjoyed doing in the past with all else we are doing to cope and survive, with processing and feeling so many energies

To help to shift stagnant energies that we may not have realised that were pooling inside of us, due to needing some other or extra stimulation than what we are already ‘doing’ for and with ourselves in our daily lives with our spiritual growth, on all or many layers and levels

The ‘ante’ has been upped with energies and humanity…and now we need to up our ‘ante’ or our energies to allow us to grow and shift more in newer (or of older) ways of doing other or different things for ourselves now as well

It is time to let the fruit on the tree let the flowers blossom – as we are the tree…the tree of life, each and every one of us

And now we need room to grow and expand and we need to allow and do this ourselves for and with ourselves

To allow our branches to reach out further..

Please enjoy this reading that came as guided to share with you all…and may you resonate in some way for yourself of the Divine within you:

WIND – Activation

The lethargy you feel is the result of a lack of activation-in other words, something that stirs your senses. This could be anything from walking outdoors, feeling the breeze on your body, or inhaling the different aromas that Nature herself provides. Or it could be finding the pleasure in a warm bath that helps you release the tension and stress from your mind and body. Music may activate your hearing, which sparks the pleasure centres in your brain. Art may activate your emotional responses. The touch of another human may activate a deep need to be physically held in some manner once again.

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Now is the time for action. Engage in some active and be fully present so that you forget your surroundings and enter into that timeless and multi-dimensional experiences of union with the focus of your creative attentions. Let your physical body be active. Movement alone-whether quietly dancing by yourself or hiking up that hill over yonder-will require you to be as present as possible in your body. Enjoy!

WHALE – Breach

It is time to take break! Not just a coffee break, but a respite form the usual environment you find yourself in. That trip you wanted to take? Go for it. Tired of being indoors? Make it a point to get outside. You have become so attached to your surroundings that you have created within them an illusion of safety, yet it is not these things that make you feel safe. Rather, the familiarity you have imbued in your surroundings have generated this false sense of security.

Taking time away from the familiar is literally about changing your external environment in a significant way, such as doing something unusual or perhaps something you have always wanted to experience. Another perspective is breaking through the barrier of beliefs that have constricted you in any way from being who you truly are. This is your opportunity to do some intentional breaching of these thought patterns, which will open you to different worlds and perspectives.

SHAMAN – Ancient Healing Wisdom

All illnesses, whether physical, emotional or psychological, stem from an illness of Spirit.

It may be due to soul loss, psychic intrusions, ancestral karma, or any other spiritual causes that could be contributing to the manifest condition for which you seek help.

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Whatever other methodologies, or remedies you pursue, whether allopathic, alternative, or a combination, let the healing of your spirit be your priority. Know that the deepest spiritual wound is the illusion of being separate from Source, God, Great Spirit, or whatever name you give the Creator.

It is the trick of the mind that crates this sense of separation.

This is a time for deep healing, starting with our relationship with Spirit. Call upon your spirit guides and ancestors to help you with any emotional, mental or physical healing that you need. Call upon the Creator to assist you in mending any rift in your relationship with Spirit. Choose thoughts that support wholeness and well-being. Allow any darker thoughts or shadows to appear as well, but simply observe them as they arise in consciousness, then dissolve. See yourself as healed, whole, and complete, and it shall be. – Earth Magic Steven D. Farmer. Picture/Art by Heaven on Earth Silk

As always I am right here with you

Much Unconditional Love, Truth and Honesty

Anastacia Kompos
Ascension Pioneer Trailblazer WaySeer
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Anastacia is in Service to humanity and Gaia as an Ascension Pioneer/Trailblazer/WaySeer – in linking Spirit from 8D to Soul in 6/7D Human Embodiment – in real-time experience as a template for humanity
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