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To break through our personal void is about finding a balance

With the old and the new new we are creating

As we are simply NOT ABLE TO GO INTO OR BE IN OTHERS SPACES NOW and this is to do with mainly any type of family member OR group energy of members

As it is Beyond survival in the way of one feeling suicidal and the effects of this whilst still being here and alive!!

Very Real Suicidal/Dying feelings, without the actual follow through in the physical – completely

Of feeling in a void, which is our own VOID…where things and ALL is take away or stopped so we can really really face ourselves

As every angle has closed doors, for no distractions of any kind…for us to breakthrough and out of this void for ourselves

Usually it will take some kind of trauma to do so…yesterday I let my dog go for his freedom in a very peaceful sleep…this was what was needed, along with another trauma that day as well, for me to breakthrough to a completely newer space

Of a Newer Freedom for myself, to help me shift out of my void

Of shifting and coming from my HIGHER HEART SPACE

Coming from the ‘teacher/leader’ energy space in us – of our higher heart and shifting from the Lower heart when dealing with others – in unconditional love and from compassion

Of standing in our new truth and with NEW BOUNDARIES of what we will or will not accept with others, that we may have in the past OR due to changes in others

Of raising above and out of others energy spaces

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Because if we stay in these spaces, it will ‘keep us’ at a different energy vibration that is NO LONGER OURS or of the ‘old’ for us – that if we remain in these energy spaces, well let me just say this, it is survival that we do so

This is so individual and unique for everyone right now

As very massive and big changes have come through from the March energies and this is the finalisation and balance and clean up of energies from then and all before in our lives in moving forward in a new onwards and upwards of breaking FREE for ourselves

We reached critical mass on March 20…this was the biggest game changer for humanity to date in this way!

Yet so much focus and energies have been a distraction in a way of ‘the event’…as there are many events…yet the main event is within ~AS WE ARE THE EVENT~ with all else that transpires for humanity

As we wait and see what does ‘happen’ here and now in Real-Time…as this is very exciting

Yet also a distraction for others, who are waiting for something to happen for them! For it to all be done for them…on the outer..and not focusing on the inner…the inner transformation is now paramount here – and to not allow ourselves to be distracted by others or other things going on in the world of fear of uncertainty of what ‘will happen’ – as that is going into the future and causes or brings with it anxiety

Part TWO


Shifting to ones higher heart energy is a shifting within to feeling something in our heart chakra area and then bringing up or shifting that feeling or energy to the space between our heart chakra and our throat chakra and the colour of our Higher Heart is Blue


This is something one can consciously ‘practise’ themselves or notice or feel when we are feeling in our then shift our vibration up, with a conscious intent or feeling, we can do this

This is us shifting to an Ascending Master energy space

It is about stepping into the Divine in yourself and embracing who you are. And to do so it is about letting go of fear and thoughts and feelings of separation, as family (or those closest to us) can so trigger this for us

It’s letting go of all that has been weighing us down to shift through our personal void

Of shifting out of older energy spaces with others, as often the energy can be very much of blaming and pointing fingers…when the finger is really being pointed at ourselves!

When we love ourselves unconditionally we can then FREE OURSELVES out of duality of going between truth and illusion and out of negative EGO

Each person is at where they are, doing the best they can with what they are going through as now it really is up to them or each of us individually and to now form newer changed connections with those closest to us

There is no wrong, there is no blaming as that is such a reflection of ourselves and the ‘hard time’ we can give ourselves – do not put this onto others yet set boundaries, newer boundaries than before…

As when we come from LOVE and knowing that all we are going through we chose – remember to get out of the human in grumbling with this…and come from the bigger picture and own this for yourself…if one does not own this and stays in the grumbling then you are handing your power over to your ego as the ego like to control

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And to be free we need to FREE OURSELVES from the past entrapment of situations we have been in before where we felt or could not do anything else BUT now you do have a choice!

To seek that freedom within…to come from ones higher heart…to then allow freedom from others energies

As we are Masters and we are Ascending…it is time and that time is NOW

For those Masters guided to these Divine writings, sharing and healing, I honour you for just how far you have come and I now welcome you to join me in a new Ascending Masters Gathering energy through these new energy updates.

(Art by I am of the stars – High Heart – Higher Triangle Meditation – Activation of Light by the Hathors through Alice)

As always I am right here with you

Much Unconditional Love, Truth and Honesty

Anastacia Kompos
Ascension Pioneer Trailblazer WaySeer
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Anastacia is in Service to humanity and Gaia as an Ascension Pioneer/Trailblazer/WaySeer – in linking Spirit from 8D to Soul in 6/7D Human Embodiment – in real-time experience as a template for humanity
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