Nicole Frolick – April’s theme is continuing on from March in that all systems that were created from 3rd dimensional energies are no longer able to sustain themselves. Everything is collapsing as more and more light pours into this planet exposing the corruption and lies. This brings about chaos but with chaos comes change and we must breakdown all of the old systems in order to rebuild ones that represent 5th dimensional energy.

As we watch the chaos, we have important messages on how to handle them at this time.

This is a call to all Starseeds!

For each and everyone of you who chose to come down to this planet and be a part of the exposing of corruption and rebuilding of New Earth – the time is NOW. For the Indigo warriors who helped our world get to this point of collapsing the old systems, be very proud of your work! It is happening. And to all of the Crystal and Rainbow children – the anchoring of energies has never been more important than NOW. We all must continue our work and rejoice in the birth of 5D Earth! Find out more in the full reading in the video below as well as who the winner of my monthly crystal card giveaway is!


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