Natalia Alba – Beloved New Earth Masters,

As we keep entering into the month of April, the amplification of the frequencies received since the Equinox will increase. This is a very important phase for us to unite as One and assist the planetary fabrics, to regain the purity they once lost due to the human and non-human manipulation. When I talk about the Planetary manipulated structures, I am not just talking about the Earth Grids, for there are other structures artificially created, eons ago, to encapsulate, so to speak, our Planet within a fixed lineal time and space.

This is easy to say but hard to internalize for by manipulating this, they are modified not just by our sense of time and space but our connection to the cosmos, closing access by changing galactic coordinates so only they can choose to be open to contact. Then, our sense of isolation increased, as well as the first beliefs of being hopeless and useless beings punished by God were implanted, beginning to dominate humans as they wished.

At this time, we, the ascensing souls who came here from the Illuminated Realms, already free sovereign beings, who only need to remember, are here to break this long manipulation, and it is happening, for we have already bifurcated from old earth, which again, is not a location, yet, but a matter of which frequency we decide to hold. We are restructuring the lost connections with the planetary sacred sites that were interrupted by the dark forces. The task of unitying what once was separated, is a long and arduous one, but we count with the power of unity, which is what we shall foment at this time, above all.

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The ones called starseed souls, as I call these souls, many can use the names of Indigos, Crystals, Rainbows and so on, as well as New Earth Seeds, also free sovereign beings originated on this Earthly plane, are equal, there is no one coming from elsewhere, for we all come from the same Source. There is not I am better or wiser because I am from elsewhere. Our main aim is not to separate but to unite as one, without comparisons and begin to remember the nature of our mission, instead of being absorbed by our egoic 3D personality.

I thank you all for taking the time, and energy, to read and assist, if you are guided, since I decided to share, the amount of assistance has been incredibly felt and deeply appreciated. I have received the following places (maybe some are repeated) where we should work more, within this amplification passage – to anchor purity, love and restoration. The places shared in other posts are still on the list, I am not going to repeat all of them again, just the new openings:

• Birmania – Burma.
• Yemen
• Both Koreas
• Eritrea (Africa)
• Kyrgyzstan
• North Sentinel Island
• New Zembla (Russia)

There are more Islands that need lots of assistance due to the nuclear activity by man and their subsequent abandonment.

Remember Beloveds, this is not about the beauty of the country or land, but about the collective consciousness that the country holds as well as how the Earth Grids as well as other structures are, for there are countries which possess a wonderful nature but if hidden activities or wars have deeply touched them, then, their essence has been corrupted.

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Thanks to all who decide to join wherever you reside. We all have solitary missions. However, there is some planetary clearing/healing we can do as One, and it is precious when we meet in a timeless space of conscious co-creation and compassion to help All retrieve its lost crystalline essence.

With love, gratitude and blessings,

Natalia Alba


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