Amanda Lorence – Embodyers are currently IN a Devine energetic passageway. This energetic passage presented with the influx of energies of 31 March and 1st April 2018. It is easy to understand this passage when we rise above the Third Dimensional human lower mind programme and all the distortion the Lower Mind creates.

This passage is about YOU rising as the inner power you have known of all this life time. Those that have played small to others thus far, were always playing the longer game.

There is much distraction on the outside. It is a time where the wheat is sorted from the chaff. For many still fall prey to outer distractive and destructive energies that present to their experience in human form. Where being in your centre provides all the clarity one requires in all moments.

For those that embody first, whilst still retaining the human physical form, your passageway has presented to rise. A time of inner loving empowerment. Of quiet understandings and wisdom of the bigger picture. Of empowering resilience to your mission.

Let the loudness of the outside be as it is. Let others dance to their own tune. Each are facets of ONE. You’re to embody in physical this lifetime. Through inner work… you know how and what to do and why honouring your process will serve the whole to greater degree. For first we EMBODY…THEN, we can be the change. Then, our inner power realised will serve the WHOLE, as UNIFIED energy, as all knowing, as infinite Love.

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Focus is key. Allowing others their own journey is key. Yet allowing YOU, YOUR inner empowerment (of the One) at this stage, is THIS current passageway. Allow thyself to rise.

One Love
AL 03 April 2018

PS…I’m predominately quiet and offline at this stage. So not able to respond to messages.

Inner stillness, or outer chaos:
Always a choice…

Higher awareness within, or be prey to outer distraction:
Always a choice…

Inner peace, or mindless chatter:
Always a choice…

Centred presence, or off balance emotions:
Always a choice…

Inner rise to physical human embodiment, or more reaction from the third dimensional overlay we came in to dissolve:
Always a choice…

Rise and empower from withIN thyself, or be disempowered from and by the withOUT:
Always a choice…

There is no judgement in any choice we make. Our perception is based on our current frequency state. By consciously shifting our inner frequency, we change our perception and thus change our experiences. Everything is MULTI-LAYERED. Choose consciously, thy frequency. The power lies within you to do so. Your power is infinite. It awaits your OWN awareness of it.

Whatever we choose, is an experience (an energy) for our SOUL. Our SOUL does not judge experience, it collects energy, taking it onward to the next journey, as the next aspect of multiple YOU.

How high do you wish to go? There’s no judgement in your choice. Yet there is always choice. Your power resides WITHIN you. Only YOU can tap into the Devine Power that resides as YOU, IS you, and IS your sovereign right to consciously embody. Your power does not rest in the hands of ANY OTHER OUTSIDE of you. YOU already hold the eternal power.

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AL 04 April 2018


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