Your return to Divine Wholeness is planned to be a joyous. The door is open to enter the Kingdom. All is protected and cared for. Allow the Divine Light to shine. I bring you within, I Am the Christ within. I will guide you home to the Love of the Infinite Creator. The Source of all creation, this is your legacy, this is your Truth. Are you ready to become the Christ? As you feel the Divine Light emanate through your being with fulfillment and joy, live in the energy of Divine Love. Live in the Light of Divine Intelligence and illuminate everything you wish to innerstand. We are One with Source and this is the Divinity of Humanity. Oneness is the essence of our being. Divinity guarantees Divine Love for all eternity. I await your return in peace and know that your return will be joyous and complete.
The doorway is now open and the Divine Feminine Christ has come to offer sacred bestowals of unconditional love. The gentle touch of the words opens the sacred creative heart space. Every message soothes, and heals the emotional body of fears, regrets, shame, and deep loss. And the feminine sacred heart is restored to absolute power within Christ Consciousness.💞
~Sacred Romeo
Angelic Diamond Sun Emissary for the Benevolence of Creation
Art by: Olivia Curry


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