OMpothecary – I have a beautifully encouraging message for you all. Let me know what you think!

Are you guys feeling as good as I am? I’m buzzing on Cloud 9 with love, peace, and Harmony in my soul. I don’t think I have felt this happy in a long time. We are in a beautiful time of finding ourselves! The higher beings are watching us to see what we will do. This isn’t so much a test as much as is it is free will. Many of us are choosing the path of light and love and it is serving as well. All of my worries and emotional baggage seem to have completely dropped off. Any time I begin to think or worry about an issue, I automatically give it up to the angels. I refuse to internalize negative feelings of doubt or worry and, instead, I insist on putting myself into a higher form of Consciousness that doesn’t contain worry or fear in it.

Today I used two wonderful decks to draw from. One is my usual Gaia Oracle deck, and the other is a deck called Namaste- Blessing and Divination cards. With all the good energies in the world, I wanted to share a message of hope and love today. I asked each deck to give me the card necessary to produce this beautiful message to the enlightened people of the world, and boy did they produce!

Namaste deck gave us, Blessed Tranquility – Your feelings are surfacing in order to be healed. Have faith and know you are safe. Trust; The current waves of emotion shall become a Sea of Tranquility full of love and blessing.


Gaia Oracle deck gave us, Liberation – Breaking Free from negative attachment.

Yesterday I spoke about our emotions and how we may find ourselves extra emotionally sensitive. This is our higher self kickstarting an emotional Purge in our lives. The message I’ve heard for the past 2 days in a row is that we must let go of things which are no longer serving a higher purpose in our lives. People, especially, can be destructive in our lives, and often it’s not really our fault that they are wreaking havoc on us. Lower energies tend to flock to those who can feed light into them. No more, though. If you haven’t already cut the ties, the time is now. It won’t be easy, but we simply cannot thrive and ascend with people sucking the light out of us. Another big thing to cut out is alcohol – surprisingly it seems as though our bodies are naturally trying to purge this from our diet. Many people who are ascending are suddenly no longer tolerant to alcohol. I am a perfect example of this – while I rarely drink, I do indulge in a beer or two on the weekends. For 3 weeks in a row I have suffered horrific hangovers which turned into migraines after only having one single drink. I ruled out every other possible reason for this, only to look within my energy field to discover that I have ascended into a place that prevents me from polluting my body. I have felt a huge urgency to heal my physical body and to put only healthful food and drink into it. Many indulgences I have enjoyed over the course of my entire life are now repulsive to me and cause a great amount of pain if I partake in them. While I never thought I would be that person who can’t eat meat or drink a beer, I suddenly find that is exactly who I have become… and I am perfectly ok with it. Trust me, I am in no way slamming people for eating meat or drinking beer, I am just making the point to demonstrate how drastically and how quickly our lifestyles are about to change (if they haven’t already!). If you are not to this point in your ascension process just yet, do not worry. I believe that while many are experiencing these symptoms at once, there are select groups who are either early to the party or running extremely late. What I mean is that if you aren’t currently experiencing these feelings of Harmony, peace, or the urge to change your lifestyle, don’t be discouraged. Our vibration determines how quick our body and soul can ascend- some are simply lagging a bit. On the bright side, those who are behind will have a clear knowledge of what is going on when they get there! Ultimately, we are all destined for the same place, so it really doesn’t matter how long it takes to get there.

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In closing, our Liberation will come in many different forms. These are just some immediate examples I have for you. please comment with what you feel you are being freed from so that others may have the foresight to free themselves as well. Many of us are blazing the trail ahead and it is imperative that we share our experiences for those who follow.

As a side note – I checked in with Mother Gaia this morning and our efforts to help her are working! There hasn’t been a significant impact yet, but what little has been done has boosted her life energy. We still need a lot more people to pitch in and send her love and light …. but again, it is working!! [see article: Gaia Needs our Help]

Blessings to all!

Much love,



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