Amanda Lorence – FORE-RUNNERS: The ‘rising’ is still occurring individually for many. But it NOW feels absolutely like a RE-BIRTH. So often, it’s not until we are well into a phase, that clarity of the phase is understood more properly.

But RE-BIRTH Stage we are in:
A re-birth of human in, as and of PURITY. We only meet this stage as each human is ready. Because we are not re-birthing MORE of the OLD WAYS. It is not possible to reach this re-birth stage without the immense and prior HUMAN INNER WORK, for the re-birth is a birth born as and of purity; it births HIGHER SELF into human physical without the lower human distortions present. Many aren’t at this Initiation Stage yet, so they won’t know it to participate in it, because for them it’s not a re-birth stage…just yet. It presents at and as another ascension stage at perfect timing for each. And that’s OK because each human is at their unique, individual stage of this whole process.

Re-Birth Stage can not yet present to any who continue to blame the outer circumstances and outer people for their physical, mental and emotional states. It does not so far present to those believing that the outer world is to react TO and act FROM. It does not present for those distracted deeply by the lower astral planes or submerged in dark forces. For ascension is entirely about the HUMAN ascending into their Higher States of Consciousness from having cleared, transmuted and honoured their lower self and lower fourth dimensional consciousness state. It’s about ascending past the third and the lower fourth astral planes. Here, there would simply be further presentations gifted to each person to do the human work within, raise their own frequency, because there’s no escaping this inner HUMAN work if one is to ascend in and as the human body.

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Anyone experiencing this RE-BIRTH will know about it. They have worked tirelessly on their human lower self. Day in, day out, every day they have sought to improve their own human selves. They have sought to SEE all distortions within themselves, and worked consciously with their Higher Self actively present, to see, understand, clear, change, evolve, absorb more and more INTO their Higher Self in living state. It is these human beings that experience NOW this re-birth phase. It’s no picnic…

We are not re-birthing more human distortion to then experience by. The re-birth stage simply does not occur or present if many distortions still play out. For this is an Ascension STAGE. It’s another Devine Initiation Stage. Not for the faint hearted for it is not an easy re-birth yet it is FOCUSED, EXACT, PRECISE and DEFINED. It is VERY clear…VERY understood for the person as their Higher Self and Soul Team Energy are present, supporting, guiding if asked. You are RE-Birthing the purest version of you, THE HIGHER SELF, into and as your physical human form. And it will not allow for any lower human distortions of old to stay residing in or as of the body.

As the physical body gets upgraded, food choices change and food intake levels drop. You simply can’t eat as much. Liquids increase. Energetic body sensations (of multiple types), particularly to the head increase in frequency and intensity. We’ve had this for years, but this becomes turbo powered. Neutral pathway communication systems fire back and forth, pulsing continuously to higher and higher levels to become an UPGRADED inner, human body language and communication system that the human consciousness can work with and communicate with consciously. Brain and body become CONSCIOUSLY communicative working together as One. More sleep becomes necessary. Dreams are your guide to REAL (yeeeeey).

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During this Initiation Stage, what seems to be the LAST but the GREATEST fear we each have carried, presents. It presents to be cleared FINALLY. This is the ‘Rise’, to rise out of all last remaining fear in order to allow your TRUE Self to Shine forth in ALL ways, to ALL things. We can’t finish our re-birth until that ‘fear’ observation is met and cleared. Until the INTENTION is SET to dissolve said fear. Intention is everything; it is a person’s predominant inner thought patterns, followed by action of said INTENTION, that sets and shows human INTENTION. There is no escaping human Intention, whether that intention is to make change or not make change, both are intentions that impact outcome that is magnetised into existence via the Flower of Life Field of Manifestation.

At the Re-Birth Stage, unless this work to the HUMAN sELF is done, re-birth continues and continues. Re-Birth only presents when the ascending one is ready, yet it takes strength, insight and shear resilience to work through this re-birth stage (much like it does at a child birth). Be patient with your own human self. Be kind and honest to you. Your physical body and your mind are being put through the wringer. But you’ve been chosen to do this…to BIRTH your HIGHER SELF into the human physical form. Where once through this on going stage, you will experience all things as PURE. From a human space of NEW CONSCIOUSNESS that is PURITY… that GAIA and Galactic are waiting for. To those that are going through this Stage…you’ve been chosen, and you CAN do this. Take your time.

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Let others be on their own unique path, for if they are not at this stage too, they will not understand you or what you are going through right now. Take time for you. You know why you’re here…this stage, once through, will set you in motion.

I so love you…honour you, and understand…

1) Re-Birth for the fore-runners
2) Higher Self embodiment into human vehicles
3) Divine missions become shown/known with clarity to each
4) All pathways/gates become open for Divine missions to begin world wide
5) More awaken (question) en mass

The emphasis and priority NOW is the re-birth. Slow but sure. Pure is the outcome. Once embodied, Divine support, knowledge, knowing, galactic guidance in all moments awaits embodiers across Gaia as they take to their divine missions in SERVICE to ALL.

That which plays out on the lower level third dimensional world ‘stage’ are lower parallel action(s) to the higher level embodiment and missions of humans world-wide. Embodiers are not distracted by world wide events.

One Love
AL 13 April 2018


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