Natalia Alba – Beloved Light Emissaries,

We are in a very important phase of our evolutionary journey, for we are passing through the transformation, and subsequent ascension from Pisces, last sign of the zodiac, where we finally become masters to the freedom and leadership of Aries, where we finally stand tall, empowered in who we are and in our truth. We are heading into the second phase of the year, moving from the Yin essence that starred the first months, especially during March, to the Yang essence that we are already experiencing since April and that will continue increasing with the New Moon at 26 degrees of Aries on April 15.

It is with Aries that we begin to initiate ourselves, once again, within this eternal Divine Spiral, passing from experiencing the feminine essence and the remembrance of the Illuminated Realms with Pisces, to the power of Fire and the strength, energy and passion it brings, if used wisely. This is a time for us to work with the masculine, without forgetting that we are not here to master both separately but as One, creating synthesis to finally transcend polarity and move into a more unified space, within Creation.

The New Moon in Aries is an opportunity for us to work with Alchemy, through the element of Fire, for this is the pre-stage in which purification and self-empowerment must be cultivated to prepare ourselves to master Taurus, and the Earthly plane where we dwell, for we are heading to May, a month to create abundance, and all the manifestations that we have been nurturing, within, during the previous months of the Year.

Manifestations are always understood as being something tangible. However, there are may other types, as creating a more peaceful state of being, joy, without relating it to any material things or people, etc. All the feelings that help us be in our natural state of bliss and love, are precious forms of manifestations as well.

The New Moon in Aries conjunct Uranus, the Planet of Change often called the Planet of Rebellion, while Jupiter sextile Pluto. This is what triggers a major, and unexpected change, within, and in the collective, for these frequencies will increase our need to dissolve the old and bring into fruition what the feminine has been nurturing for months. This is a short phase to bring deep transformation and dissolution of old timelines, so we can begin to awake to our true power and have the courage, as Aries, reminds us to step beyond our limited human barriers and embrace new Divine Gifts that are there for us to consciously work on their activation.

Change in itself is not good or bad, change, as everything else, simply Is. What we do when we are immersed in the change that we have created whether conscious of it or not, is our choice. Blaming the circumstances we have been creating, show us where we are, flowing with change and directed it the best we can, show us true mastery. You are not here moved by invisible cords, as a mere puppet, you are here as a powerful Divine Being capable of overcoming anything you have created yourself, with the end of bringing more awareness to you, as a limited human. Resistance to change is what brings pain.


Some choose to experience a dark phase and allow themselves to blame the outer and/or simply desire to remain there, which is fine, for pain shall be recognized and embraced until understood, and others will choose to finally release it and stop being afraid. What is important is to always honor what you feel. Do not deny the nature of your feelings, for as a human, you are here to feel whatever feeling without labelling it as being good or bad, not to deny your own nature.

The ruler of Aries, Mars, the Warrior, is in Capricorn together with Saturn and Pluto. The message sent by the grouping of these Planets is one of patience before making important choices, for we are yet in the passage to manifest our Creations, and we need to truly discern where we are putting our attention and hence, precious energy. It is a time to bring those soul creations, ones that will blossom in May, while the power of earth will assist us. However, until we reach the shore, we need to secure what we are creating, from a space of harmony and lack of fear. This is reminding us the importance of consciously building a life, which can only be made with passion, patience and balance, to finally create the strong foundations for our new lives.

We are indeed surrounded by Yang – masculine – essence. There is no Air during this Moon, only Earth and Fire, helping us to dissolve – and to finally focus – on our tangible plane – creating the proper alignment required to manifest only that which is in resonance with our God Will.

Catharsis: Alchemical Purification

We are now immersed within a passage where working in purifying one’s consciousness through the element Fire is essential, for this is the first step towards unification as well as conscious creation. Fire is masculine, an energy that simply IS, ours is the choice to use this sacred fire to destroy old worlds and physical residual that are toxifying our body cells and rejuvenate in the embrace of nature, which May will invite us to do.

Catharsis is a process of releasing, all memories, all lovers, all that has come into our human life experience not to hurt us but to help us remember, and once this purpose is fulfilled we must let it all go and embrace, with great joy, instead of fear, what our soul has pre-planned for our human journey. This New Moon in fiery Aries, offers us the gift of inner alchemy, transforming and purifying ourselves from the ashes of the old, for only can we step into a new dimensional space, if we do not carry any frequencies from a lower one.

There are many sacred fires, as for example the Violet Flame or the White one, to work with at this time, and help in the process of purification, choose the one that is aligned to what you wish to dissolve/purify and/or regenerate and serve you best to aligned to the new state of being you would like to posses. What is important, especially for the ones who are beginning to walk on this ascension path, is to use this Fire frequency to bring deep activation in their Kundalini essence, for this is activated several times as we continue descending more Light from our I AM Presence, and each time, we need to help it move through our spine, chakra and other body channels.

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As you may have already felt, our central Sun has been very active – as has our Galactic Center – that has been sending us a massive influx of waves. These frequencies are meant to help us in the Heros Gamos integration process, for it is a constant release and embracing of new fifth dimensional frequencies. Our main mission is to take care of our physical bodies as well as non-physical Merkaba, for our Light-Body is experiencing many changes, and taking care of this process is pivotal, at this transitional time, especially for the ones who are awakening.

For the ascending souls, this is a phase for us to focus on the individualized aspect of Source that we are, bringing into unification all of our past/parallel/ and what we call future selves, in this present timeline, for this is where we operate, where we dwell and where we consciously create from a unified space of non-separation from all the other selves that are One with us, coexisting in different dimensions. We do not need to be fully aware of them, we simply need to be conscious of who we are, where we are and what we do, in this present moment.

This process of conscious purification is what allows all debris, all emotional residual feeling etc. to dissolve through the sacred power of fire. This is where we begin to create space for the new codes and begin to release aspects of an old self. The work must become a daily commitment as well a daily joy, for it is who we are, our mission and what allows us to truly see the achievement made, during years.

There are many aspects/parts of you waiting to be heard, embraced and loved. When you finally quiet the mind and allow yourself to feel, these parts will cry, then we can call them by many names: anxiety, pain, sadness, loneliness etc. The truth is they are asking you for help and recognition, a loving and compassionate embrace will end the pain, coming from the resistance of your egoic self to simply feel.

There are always aspects of us that are asking us to be brought into unification, and the more we keep feeling distress inside, and ignoring it, the more we will keep lying to ourselves. This is a Moon to be courageous, to face who we are, all of it, and embrace it as equal. Would you love all of yourself and stand tall in who you are? Or will you keep choosing to remain small, blaming others for where you are and do not want to be?

As a natural part of our process to regain our crystalline true essence, there are many physical sensations that may be indicating you that you are passing through a phase of purification or that your body is asking you to do so. These are some of the main signs of kundalini awakening and/or new activation:

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• Coccyx pain or other uncomfortable sensations: This is when the Kundalini awakes and begins its journey thought the spine.

• Cramps in your spine and/or similar sensations: a sign that your Kundalini essence is rising and activating the many channels – and chakras – that it touches.

• Nervous system: when the nervous system is affected and there is no medical reason, it is due to the need we have to release feelings, past wounds, and everything that remains stagnant within our body cells, mental and emotional bodies and needs to be cleared.

• Digestive issues: Due to the radical change caused by the rising of the Kundalini fire and the adjustment happening in the body.

Note: If during the New Moon in Aries you consciously connect with its frequency and you feel painful sensations in your head, skull, eyes etc. and everything related to the head, then it is related to Aries for it rules the head and it is giving you a message of the power you have, where you put it as well as your abilities as a leader, for this is what Aries represents.

Move inward and observe if you are empowered, passionate and acting as the master that you are of your own human experience, of if you are not yet embodying your true potential, as a Galactic Divine Being.

If on the contrary you are experiencing blood problems (deficit of iron in blood etc.) then it is the Warrior, Mars, the ruler of Aries, sending you a message. All you feel may be or not related to it, you are the only one who can know yourself and observe from where it is coming what you are experiencing.

Observe the fear, connect to your physical body, feel where there pain comes from, the affected part of your body is telling you more than you think about the core of your pain, go there and make your wounds conscious, travel in time to find out when it occurred, clear the painful imprint and release the false beliefs that are yet there impeding your to embody higher levels of consciousness.

Allow yourself to be vulnerable, to feel pain, until you can dissolve the nature of your situation. Be the compassionate and loving witness of your human self, experiencing and loving, every aspect of yourself. If you use blame, unlove, regret and many other egoic tactics, you will create more victimhood and disempowerment, instead of aligning yourself with this powerful Fire frequency from this New Moon, which will help you to go to the core of the issue and burn what is creating suffering.

I wish you all an empowered and blessed New Moon, Beloved Companions!

In love, light and service ∞

Natalia Alba


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