Sally Writes – We all know how many distractions we face in daily life that keep us from being entirely aware of the energy that surrounds us. Even if you manage to mostly keep your energetic space clear, the challenge is always there when we wake up to co-create with the Light Forces or beings in our lives. But how can you create positive, constructive and sacred habits without the right spiritual space? 

The answer is: you can’t. This is why it is essential to make sure there is a special, designated space at home where you can be spiritually open and command the sacred. In order to create this space, you should incorporate the following furnishings and interior designs, which will work in harmony with your human journey:

The Peace of Candlelight

One of the simplest ways to command the sacred is to integrate soft candlelight into any space in your home. Burning relaxing soy candles can be a wonderful way to call forth spiritual guidance and feel at peace in your home. Try placing 5-6 candles in one room at a time. The light that will radiate from each of them at once will allow you to rise above any negative thoughts and seek true spiritual peace. Candles can clear away or neutralize harmful energies and let you feel in control of your surroundings.

The Serenity of Thriving Plants

Another great feature to incorporate into your home or sacred space is living, breathing plants. Having a vase filled with freshly cut flowers will instantly boost your mood and put you in touch with the glory of nature. Plants are a simple but profound reminder of the sacred that’s all around us, every day. Every time you look at these plants, remember how powerful it is to be in touch with creation and spiritual wellness. This harmony will bring you serenity with the Light Forces.

The Grace of Minimalism

Adding these furnishings and features to a sacred space will be beneficial to clearing your spiritual center. Once you have your candles and plants in your space, you should then foreground minimalism at home. Clearing your home of any negativity—which sometimes takes the form of clutter—will allow you to focus on the sacred. Being surrounded by minimalism, which is really being surrounded by spirits and your inner self, is essential to a sacred, open home. 

With these elements in your home, you can begin each day with a renewed mindset and be set on the path to co-create the sacred in your life.


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