Michael C Murdock – It’s mid April (2018) right now and because we’re experiencing all of these NEW to us light energies, layers of consciousness, levels of new 5D 6D energies, and 7D Photonic light energies, it let’s me know that we’re in a completely and authentically NEW and organic space. April (2018)has been all about solar activity – and while at the beginning of this year we experienced multiple portal/gateway openings, it’s what we were experiencing in order to help us get to this NEW stream/level of consciousness. The thing about solar activity is that it comes in many different forms. While the solar flares have been low, while the sunspots have been none for days, the solar winds and the coronal hole that it’s been leaking through has been active and highly so. I can always tell when the sun is actively leaking or pushing out higher light energies, in order to push us higher and higher. My body reacts to the sun and it’s specific form of activities in mild to severe ways, depending on what that specific solar activity is. When sunspots erupt my body reacts to in as if I have the flu. When it’s geomagnetic storms it’s joint/nerve pains followed by me constantly sneezing. When it’s solar winds like it’s been for the last week it’s headaches, re-wiring, feels like something is being worked on, or is expanding. Many glands as well as the left/right side of my brain, all begin to expand, and merge into one full consciously active brain. I get effected in so many different ways – and if your a light embodier, sensitive light worker, first wave, second wave, or third wave forerunner than you feel these solar activities as well.

On Friday (April 6th) I began to feel those familiar intense AS (Ascension Symptoms) which started out as mild migraines and headaches. On (April 7th) I spent the entire Saturday night at work in 3D land with the biggest migraine that enhanced, so I knew that something was being re-wired and worked on in my head and brain. On (April 8th) a close friend and co-worker was also feeling the effects of the solar winds, except it was her throat that was being worked on. On (April 9th) it was my first day off of work for the week and I slept. On April (10th) the second day off of work guess what I did, I slept some more. On (April 11th) I woke up at 6 am feeling nauseous and the migraines and headaches hit me hard. I was laying there for a good half hour waiting for it to subside. On (April 12th) my first day back to work I was raging like a bull in Spain at one of those running of the bulls events. I work in fast food and in the food service, so cooking and feeding people is the last thing I want to do. Especially when their rude, impatient, ungrateful and lack basic manners. On (April 13th) which was yesterday – my entire left leg felt weak, numb and in order to work I had to put my weight on my right leg entirely. All of this and much more during this huge solar wind embodiment of new layers of light.

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This has been happening for the first wavers, the second wavers and third wavers who have been embodying first. For many more people in the collective (Those 7.6 billion people) I’ve mentioned repeatedly, many more of those people have been initiated and activated by these solar winds and solar light energies.

April 2018 Activations & Awakening Ones Consciousness Computer (The Brain) 

The solar winds began pouring out of a huge hole at the beginning of April, as it began rotating closer to earth. In mid-April it’s now facing earth directly. One of the few thing’s I’ve noticed about what’s going on in April are the many activations, initiations, and awakenings going on within the collective. My email inbox is once again filled with multiple people emailing me asking me about certain events, certain experiences and that’s wonderful to read and to be able to respond to. This all let’s me know that we’re in a new space unlike in January of this year, at a specific new level, and existing within a specific timeline where multiple people are getting activated by these solar energies from these solar winds.

One thing that I really truly wanted to write about in this article was Consciousness and it’s connection to the brain. Consciousness: Is defined as being awake and aware of your surroundings. That’s a pretty basic and simple understanding of what it means. But the actual act of being conscious, that can be very tricky because you have to go through an entire process in order to be conscious. The AP (Ascension Process) is that specific process where you become conscious. Many people aren’t conscious at all – meaning they aren’t fully awake or aware of their surroundings. When I and other Ascension writers discuss these portals, gateways, streams of new light energy entering our planet. What we’re talking about is how there is an opportunity for more people within the collective who are existing on this planet at this time (to potentially expand beyond their own specific consciousness) which they exist through in their own isolated reality. Not a lot of people take on that opportunity to expand, and most really don’t give a shit. They like the 3D reality and living and existing to work, to make lots of money, to indulge their every whims, to not take responsibility for their screw ups, to obtain as much power as they can and exploit anyone even if it’s just one single person. For those who do take up the opportunity – they begin the AP (Ascension Process) by activating the gatekeeper to their hidden consciousness. The brain.

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The brain is a computer. We all know that and we all have that basic understanding about the brain. The brain allows us to store vast amounts of information about pretty much anything that we learn. That of which is taught to us by others as well as self taught. The brain is also an organ that controls all functions of the body, so once this important organ begins to lose it’s important functions the host is slowly losing his/her ability to be conscious. The brain holds down important information – but to an extent. It’s function is to let you learn only what you need to in order to survive and get by within this three dimensional reality. When you begin the initiations and activations which is the AP (Ascension Process) your brain (The Consciousness Computer) expands and begins to let in information that is so new, because your consciousness is at a higher level. New information needs to be downloaded and filed within it’s necessary folder(s.) Our brains are computers that store consciousness within it, the more into the 5D reality you walk through the more information will be stored into your consciousness computer. Your brain and consciousness go hand in hand.

Right now a few more people globally will be awakening their (brain(s) which is their consciousness computer. This is where we are right now in a way – because many more people are slowly waking up to all of the 3D ways of existing and realizing that they can move beyond it. In April 2018 these Solar Wind Initiations are helping more people move far beyond the craziness of the dying old 3D reality.

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