Sacred Alter of trees, where I planted the other crystals.(Hawaii)

Meggan Rachell – We are at the tipping point. It’s all being Unraveled. Shits about to get real. Boom. Boom. Boom. The Wave is coming, it’s here now, I already feel it. I’m calling for it to come quicker, and soak the entire Earth, let EVERY soul feel and know there true heart. Wash away all that doesn’t serve us and the highest timeline of Peace, Hope, Unconditional Love and inner Child freedom for of all creation. The dawning of the Golden Age of Gaia is upon us.

From the midst Chaos, a new Dawning shall occur. MAGIC shall once again be known to mankind, through sacred vessels of true heart.

The old must break down for the New to Emerge. All control/fear structures of the old Lower 3d Timelines will fall. The Earth shall cleanse it by Earth, Fire, Water, and Air.

The New Earth Grid system is rapidly coming up to date, all around the Earth sacred gridlines are being reactivated with the highest divine Love and light. The KeyHolders are in position and ready at any moment to do the Divine work that this Earth calls for. The Rainbow Energy shall be felt around the world.

Today I was at the Southern Most tip of the United States. GREEN SANDS beach in Hawaii. I planted Sacred crystals of the Golden dawn into the Earth gridlines and I gifted the waters there. Along with another beach, a black sand beach called Punalau Beach. I felt the Wave coming and I heard it would break down all fear and control structures/mechanisms. I also called forth rainbow healing unconditional love energy through my vessel to surround the entire Earth.

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On the drive home I saw a Peacock. Peacock symbolism: Vision, Royalty, Spirituality, Awakening, Guidance, Protection, & Watchfulness. In Greco-Roman mythology the Peacock tail has the “eyes” of the stars. In Hinduism, the Peacock is associated with Lakshmi who represents patience, kindness and luck.


Every soul on EARTH remembers its true heart NOW. Every soul is healed NOW. All that is not of Truth is being brought into the light/love and TRUTH NOW. All that does not serve us and our highest good is brought to ZeroPoint and eradicated from our field of existence in this
DIMENSION, and any other dimension NOW. Let it be done NOW by Order of the Highest unconditional love and light for all of CREATION.🌼🌺🌸✨🌏

~Meggan Rachell~


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