Ascending Masters Gathering Energy Update

Yesterday and today has been such a topsy/turvy day energetically

A wave within a wave of energies, a wave in the human soul with a wave in Spirit as well

Many are releasing in the human – depending on the person as to which way they are needing to release and break through multiple traumas or a large singular trauma

Many are having ‘real’ dreams of releasing so much trauma from in the human, in and through the astrals in Spirit – as they have endured all they possibly can in the human and to remain alive and still here, this is how they are needing to process and release

Forerunners and Wayshowers are feeling this so deeply and strongly and many are silently (or not) ‘suffering’ in feeling they are alone and not realising these are part of the energies coming through

My heart goes out to all that are going through this right now…

As how can one say what’s already been said on a new level…

Let me begin….

Feeling Beyond extremely fatigued and worn out, body pains, not sleeping as so much processing is going on

Massive ‘real’ dreams at this point in spirit as part of a wave within a wave of processing!! (refer to diagram)

Closure and finalising of everything at other levels to where we have shifted now

A flip from Soul to Spirit and back – as SO MUCH IS BEING DONE IN SPIRIT NOW within the human/soul = a wave within a wave

Everything energetically is so complicated that not one post will be able to cover all – as other updates are sharing about one or more of just those I have already mentioned above and thats very okay and great…this is so much further along with these updates…and you who are reading this feel and know this…even if you do not get this all now, you know this is here for you!!!

So bless you all and thankyou so very much for being a part of these energies right here and now with me, with you, with the DIVINE..

Let me continue…

Everything is so rattled and tossed up and turning around and ALL OVER THE PLACE

Regroup regroup regroup is what is needed…

Getting back to ourselves and what we are feeling we need to do

We are so used to doing things together or with others energies, even if someone is by themselves, this can still occur for those who are empaths and pick up so much with others and humanity – and we are each needing SPACE from each other (or others energies) to process and integrate so much that is going on in SPIRIT

And as I feel ALL in Spirit I am needing more time to myself to integrate and that is how I am able to bring through and share what I AM – as I have two souls, one in the human and one in Spirit that was gifted to me around 3yrs ago, to be able to be here to share all I am with you, as there is no one else on the planet that is able to do so…and said with much love of my Trailblazers truth

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‘Things’ have so many elements to them it’s not just one right now – so many facets!

SO MUCH INTEGRATION is going on in Spirit and then in Soul in the Human!!

This is highly complicated energies

Get back to your inner emotions as your anchor and rock for yourself!!

Clear your energy space, smudge, have healing baths, have more time to yourself to allow for this huge complicated mass of energies in all facets of our lives right now

And keep doing this…

If we deal with others, then still take this time for oneself as others will manage is the message

As you need to manage yourself and your energy!!

We can do this even with others, we can find this space and time if we focus our INTENT on ourselves energetically

It’s being around others yet in a lesser energetic presence

So even if one knows all of this please, read this afresh and anew like it’s the first time or back to basics in a new way – if one reads and feels and says ‘Oh I do that’ then know this is the mind or the head skimming over what I am now sharing here and now

This is a new energetic approach in both Spirit and Soul as they are a wave with a wave like never before! (Refer diagram)

A wave in the human soul and now also a wave with spirit as well, two energies, two waves, one within another

Yes we are in another wave, yet it is the 1st within the 2nd!!

Who would have known this would occur!

Not those who jumped ahead with ‘we have three waves coming’ – Dont jump ahead with information that people have!! As I always say LETS WAIT AND SEE!!

It will be interesting when the ‘third’ so called wave comes through as to what this will be – as yes there are continual waves of ascension yet these are definite massive waves for ALL of humanity

There is so much complicated energies and information going on, that to recollect anything needs us to just stop and take a moment to focus, to find that one bit of information in a complication of many energies in soul and spirit all together

Transitioning from integrating from Soul to Spirit AND THEN SPIRIT TO SOUL – it’s a two way wave back and forth integrating like a figure 8 of INFINITY overall

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There are layers within the human soul energy going up to Spirit that each layer is needing to be processed as each layer is in a transition – and so something you may want to sort out or work out, could be say the 5th layer up and one is needing to clear the other 4 layers to sort of reach that layer (diagram)

If one ‘tries’ to reach say the 5th layer before the others, the feeling is that they know they want to do something, or work though something but it feels just out of reach to do so and the energy is not right here and now to do it…

So it’s patience and time and allowing oneself some NEW SPACE of integration to reach say that 5th layer….

Bit by bit by bit, keeping ones energy regrouped with our emotions and feelings and not letting ourselves wander away into the future, of what one feels needs to be done right now

So if we want to do something that is the 5th layer up, the energy is not in the present here and now to do so…we need to commence with creating the space with time and patience and not get anxious or overwhelmed with the whole bigger picture!!

IT IS BEYOND TOO LARGE TO DO SO- I keep saying this is much bigger than just us as it is!!

So if we get back to the ‘us’ we can start from there – regrouping time and time again when we feel our energy straying ahead with wanting to solve or resolve or do those other layers ahead of ourselves

This is so beyond and intense to anything else we have done before in both Spirit and Soul together with the 2 waves overlapping of a wave within a wave…

DON’T PUSH for resolutions!

Allow yourself time and space in the human for integration and your inner guidance and answers WILL COME

Mint Bush Australian Bush Flower Essence came with this, where we read and feel and tap this into our crown chakra:

This Essence like many others, was made in the Valley of the Winds in the Olgas (or Katajuta) in central Australia. Mint Bush helps one to cope with the dross being burnt off before emerging at a new spiritual level. Just prior to any such initiation there are usually spiritual trials and tribulations that one goes through when one feels they are being tested, often to their limit. At this time there is usually a great deal of confusion and one can have a sense that everything is too difficult and too much to deal with and resolve. These feelings can also arise during intense changes in your life – divorce, bankruptcy, severe illness or accidents, changing religious beliefs or affiliations.


Negative Condition:
•spiritual emergence
•initial turmoil and void of spiritual initiation

Positive Outcome:
•smooth spiritual initiation
•Ability to cope

When we leave what we are focusing on to resolve at say layer 5 and let go of this, individually mind you, it WILL COME as we release and filter and integrate

As we let each go, one by one, in the bigger picture of all else I shared, it allows a flowing in of all facets and layers to settle to a NEW YOU

When we do this, what we need to do is feel and look at what firstly comes to the forefront!!!

It’s a process of all of the above in like steps

As I could write these out in steps yet to do so would need to be done individually for each person and situation – as this is all part of you stepping into your Mastership and I can help you to help yourself with this in a Divine 1:1 Healing as well

Please take your time to read and feel and re read and feel all of this as there is so much information and guidance here

And anything further in regular unique ascension updates can be done so by contribution or by booking in for a 1:1 Divine Healing

This latest complete Ascending Master Gathering Energy Update below I am gifting to you all – As recently I shared the previous Blue Beyond Guide Energy Update would be the last full one to be shared – as now to receive these amazing Ascension Pioneer Trailblazer Wayseer unique energy updates for humanity that are not found anywhere else on the planet are by contribution only – I am guided to share this and maybe some others from time to time, so you can read and feel for yourself what is being offered by contribution only – for as long as I am guided to

If you resonate and are guided to receive these personally by email and to also have an opportunity for a new 1hr Divine healing that is only on offer to those who do contribute then please email me at: [email protected]

*Notice – There is a LOT of information here that one will need to read and feel and re-read and re-feel*

As always I am right here with you

Much Unconditional Love, Truth and Honesty

Anastacia Kompos
Ascension Pioneer Trailblazer WaySeer
Personal 1:1 Divine Guidance/Healings of self are available

Anastacia is in Service to humanity and Gaia as an Ascension Pioneer Trailblazer WaySeer – in linking Spirit from 9D to our Soul in 6/7D Human Embodiment – in real-time experience as a template for humanity as a Rainbow Bride for and with ALL of humanity


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