“We are the Elohim and we are with you now to share understanding of the events that now shape your reality…. Bring in the rays of the newborn Sun [ they are calling this Sun “The Red Giant” during the typing of this message ] into your fields to cleanse and clear all lower energies from de-stabilized realities that once surrounded you.  [ We continue to transmute the 3D timelines by removing the old Matrix, including retrieving soul fragments from previous lifetimes; We are also anchoring the new 5D Matrix. ]

The healing rays of this Sun flush away heavy, stagnant and old energy of the lower timeline of your yesterday from which you four have sprung. You will benefit greatly from enjoying time sitting in the light of this Sun. We confirm also that you have been energetically supported by the old souls who carry Light within their Soul Purpose Lifeline [ the PAT and other first wavers ].

Notice, the refinement of your reality is done with a graciousness of divine order.  You each feel this refinement and also notice the great energetic distance from the events of lower timelines as they intersect upon yours [ e.g. the Sonic Boom of French fighter planes heading towards East (Syria ?) we experienced today, April 13th].

You may notice other encroachments [including the air raid sirens we are hearing and the occasional cloud that appears to be a chemtrail] from lower timelines into your reality but know that you are all divinely protected in every way.  Know that the scale of service continues to grow and that each of you is beautifully embracing each new level of service. You may be unaware of the nature of your service, or that it continues at all, however rest assured all is perfect as your blessed contribution continues with a multi-dimensional focus and this is so honoured by all beings of the Light in this moment – Know that you are never alone.

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Together you work well to create/ draw the highest level of expression possible within the boundaries of absolute integrity, honouring each Self to ones own Self, as well as to the others. We are so happy to see this level of creation, one that is very close to what is perhaps best imagined by you to be close in frequency to the Fifth Dimension.

You are in a strategic position in this country now called “Italy”, and you have all been here before, although its name in previous expressions differs.

It is at this point that I am shown a grain of sand…that morphs into what appears to be a galaxy… that then morphs into what appears to be a giant red star… that then morphs again into the pale blue dot, planet Earth…. the visions continue to come forth and unfold in a most spectacular way.  After a period of two minutes the message continues:

It is from this location that the World “began”, and it is from here that the World shall “end” [ I am shown these two words began and end in quotation marks.]. And within this statement lies a multitude of realities, dimensional expansions and contractions, all and each taking place within the sacred parameters of the Creation.

I ask what they mean by the word “World” and they say they mean the “Whole of Creation”… “Everything”… “ALL THAT IS”… or “The Universe”.

My understanding is that this is the NOW moment, the Moment of Creation of ALL, and I also hear “this is the Zero Point of The Infinite Creation“. This expression of where the world “began” and where it will “end” means the completion and full transmuting of the old third dimensional matrix, and includes the anchoring of the new fifth dimensional matrix that is the next phase in the ascension process, within this “reality” we are seeing before us.

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Everyone plays their role, perfectly, as they once begin to awaken, and those who are not considered ‘awake’ are playing their roles well too.

Now is a time of a New Beginning as this moment NOW represents a new level of creation, for those who hold great Light power are awakening rapidly in a fashion that leads to instant creation within the parameters of the reality into which they themselves are placed by their Souls.

The Soul is in imminent and infinite control – the mind has no ability to control underlying events, those that arise from the unawakened ones around you.  Underlying events grow from the group consciousness as the group perspective pervades all and can permeate the reality at quantum speed.

Stand firm in your dedication to the Light – all is unfolding and being revealed now in its own level of deception, or truth.

This is a New Beginning.

We are the Elohim, and we love you All.”

Channeled by Carla Thompson


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