Once again I was shown a vision of The Ancient Lemurian Crystal Temples Of the Diamond White Flame being REActivated Realigned Reconnected , a process that is continually happening for a while now , but peaks periodically as it is NOW.

As this happens we feel the effect of these Diamond White rays as bringing in higher levels of Purification and Integration within us and in Gaia . What ive been shown via my sessions is that NOW is the TIME to Release the density/ gunk/ karmic debts from all our time spirals, Reconnect and INtegrate with our Time Spirals (Zero Point) and that is when we are able to Co-Create our New Higher Time Spirals ( Co-creating from Zero Point).

So what happens when the Ancient Lemurian Crystal Temples Of The White Flame gets a surge of Galactic Photonic Light ( headache, dizzy, nausea,third eye activations which have been exceptionally off the charts past few days particularly on 5:5) which we Lightworkers integrate and Anchor , the Diamond Flame of Purification in turn begins to clear out the Gunk/ densities/ karmic debts and debris of our physical body (High Heart Activations via Magenta Light and 8 chakra activations, aches,pains, old wounds and relationalships resurfacing) and Gaia’s too ( volcanic eruptions in Hawai =Lemuria). There are Ancient Lemurian outposts in many areas including Hawai region, New Zealand etc.

We as lightworkers have contracted to assist with this clean up of timetimes, individually and for Gaia as they are interconnected. This clearing is simultaneously accompanied by an integration aspect of balancing the Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine aspects and our higher Dimensional aspects…last few days the psysic leveling we have been receiving has been phenomenal to say the least!!!

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These Timelines have to be cleared , integrated ( Zero Point ) and then and only then can we co-create the New Age. An interesting aspect came up in a session recently. While in the majority of sessions with Priestesses who have chosen to be channels of clearings for Energetic Centers of Gaia , the original energy centers have continued to be harvested off their LIGHT by lower vibrational forces . However in a recent session with a powerful Shamanic Priestess of Light what we found in the course of the session was that anticipating the fall of that particular center to lower forces this Shamanic Priestess was successful in DE- Activating this energy center and also safe guard her Divine Skills so that there was no manipulation possible of the Energy Center or of her Gifts!!!!. And the GOOD NEWS is that these Powerful Priestesses are BACK. Back to assist in the reactivation of Gaias Energy Centers and their own Gifts.!!!!

We are NOW Taking Leaps and Bounds into higher Timelines. Seat belts On!!!

Devyani Singh ~ Sa Kei Na

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