Morgan Lee – Many agreed to embody more of their higher self and multi dimensional essences. And for many this occurred last evening or within the last 24 hours.

Some did this in full consciousness, via channelling, ritual, ceremony etc., some via the sleep state in dreamtime and others just simply aligned with this activation, upgrade, alignment, leap, etc.

Many also experienced assistance in full consciousness of the light beings that surrounded them over the last ten days or so, guiding them every step of the way.

Many experienced purging via old memories resurfacing around disempowerment and made new choices in the moment aligning with love. Some did this via the physical body experiencing old pain, some did it via memories coming up, some did it via the throat chakra and speaking their truth. Some made new life choices, some took incredible leaps, but since the 1st May there has been phenomenal preparation for this Universal Activation into the Hu-Being powering up.

And through all of this purging and releasing they were in agreement and preparation for the alignment gifted to the self, by the self in the power of Oneness, for more Love which is our power.

On a personal level, she accepted and aligned with more of her power, her gifts, her tools, her ancient wisdom, coding for pure love to manifest again upon this planet, she agreed to carry more codes of the Mother Goddess essence in all of her power and full glory

And he aligned with more of his power, his gifts, tools, his wisdom and his alchemy, his abilities for creation and powers of manifestation.

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Whether together or not, they each aligned with the true essence of their sovereignty , pure source energy and God/Goddess selves.

We are all One and at the same time we are also individual and unique aspects of the whole and our individual essence must also be revered. Oneness within the self first to fully understand and comprehend that the self is the first power and that all is simply reflection of self.

But, to skip past the love, the power, the truth, the balance, the joy, the service, the unity of self and focus upon Oneness is to neglect the creation of self as the full power of Love. The God/Goddess of self.

This missed will not allow the mind to know that all reflection is truly self also. One must be whole and complete in pure love and truth with the self in order to align with reverence of all his or her own creation.


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