Rick Jewers – The stage is most certainly set for the unprecedented times. Never before upon Gaia has there been so many that were able to achieve a certain point of Divine Prowess. With this Divine Prowess, You are more readily equipped and able to Create considerable change through a cause and effect scenario that goes beyond most of the written literature upon the planet. This is achieved by influencing the energy responsible for events in positive and higher vibrational ways. When this is done properly and to the fullest, the forthcoming events are of more favorable outcomes, even omitting and disempowering lesser events to occur. Only outcomes that are with the “intent for the good of All” will be Divinely endorsed and approved. You are not here to Create for Yourself, You are allowed certain personal manifestations, but Your Gifts are to be directed upon the change, that is the priority. You are always provided for, and when You awaken to that fact, You will see more, how it works, and to know that there is definitely never anything to worry nor be concerned about in regards to Your survival security.

More are beginning to see the colors visibly, that correspond to specific energies. This part of the garnering knowledge is to get You familiar with recognizing the energies that are responsible for vibrations in that presence and thereafter. When You close Your eyes, take note of the dominant color and the other colors, this lets You Know what energies are presently at work around You and what is being administered for Your purpose. Then notice the colors of the rays and energies visibly around You. You are able to direct and Divinely control certain amounts of these energy streams, indicated by color, in Your Divine work and PURPOSE HERE AT THIS TIME. Practice becoming almost One with these energy streams and directing their flow and points of contact. Become familiar with the colors of the Sacred Rays and energies, and their respective symbolism of what they demonstrate, ie; green= Gabriel, healing energy and other healing administrations. There are NO mistakes with You utilizing this Prowess, everything is monitored from a place of NO TIME, meaning that any initial mistake becomes instantly NOT a mistake. HAVE NO RESERVES IN practicing and applying this Gift. And of course, the Gifts ONLY WORK with good intent and are supported by the Dominant Divine energy present upon Gaia.

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The time has come on this timeline and others, to directly integrate and influence ALL events to Positive and Favorable to All. You have the Prowess and ability to do that. The best way to confirm this to Oneself, is to continue to practice, and You will receive Your own confirmations that it is so. For Those not quite there yet, in time, in time. The First Wavers, Teachers, Peers or whatever label You choose to call these Powerful Ones, are sharing back the knowledge from the FUTURES into this NOW, for You. At the end of the teacher- student segment, You ALL graduate to a place of equality, at the Soul level.

You are partially here to tear down the control of money and temporarily equalize the wealth, this is a transitory stage. Nothing prevents this, with recent decrees being heard and noted by the High Councils, part of their reply is to empower You further to remedy this task. If required, when such a linear time has expired here, abrupt friendly landings will occur, this could be considered as part of the Divine Order. Do not expire energy on watching the demise of things like the Cabal for instance, but rather KNOW that that particular implosion is history and that YOU NEED to attach to good futures and project Your Divine energies into this Now and Futures.

We remind You once again the importance of ALL VIRTUE and how it immediately NOW affects Your energetic fields, Prowess. When You do anything less than virtue, like judging or degrading another, it disempowers You immediately to proportionate degrees, You are beyond acting this way anymore, do not do it (this statement is for those at this threshold of inner knowing and prowess, Others must do this to marginal degrees yet, to innerstand and confirm how their degradation DOES DISEMPOWER THEM and how their degradation acts directly influence their immediate experiences to lesser quality.)

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At this time, We request the most advanced of You to focus Your ability upon the Human leaders of countries, directly influencing them on a telepathic level to swiftly and immediately move towards peace, equalizing the wealth disparity, wiping out poverty, ALL coming together, dropping borders of countries and basically flipping the switch to fully assist Humanity upon this planet. The remnants of the dark force resistance are surrendering daily, they finally accept defeat and are beginning to comply with Divine Order. The dark forces NOW accept that any of their resistance was fully futile and that the only way out, is to comply with Divine ORDER. Every attempt they made in the past to attempt to regain malicious control, has been thwarted, they are exhausted.

Work upon implementing THE 5D TIMELINES to the highest qualities. Work on raising Your subgroups Knowledge and advancement, continue forward Uniting and rising.

Love and Light


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