The Rise of the Serpent- Kundalini Shakti – The magnetic(Eve-DF-Sound-Vibration-Wave) Charge. The Electric(Adam-DM-Light-Frequency-Atom)

Two charges. Light & Sound. Vibration & Frequency. Atoms & Soundwaves. All That Exist.

We all have DM & DF enegy.

We have reached beyond the tipping point vibrationally and the 4th density merge is now Quickening. The body has reached a higher vibrational frequency and is starting to  experience 4th dimensional paradigm of synchronistic order cosmic law. Merging the astral body of the 4th density with the physical avatar body of the 3rd density. You will begin to experience cosmic order consciously. Each synchronicity is an activation/integration. Our innate gifts of the Galactic Human are re-awakening, matching the 4th & 5th dimensional consciousness. Gifts Opening Up-Cosmic God Energy, like Light Language. Speaking and living your truth is the Soul’s desire. There will be darker forces working through other’s to attack your character or try to bring your vibration down… But a ALL will be dealt with as the eclipses takes place. Those who have attacked others with malicious intent, will be shifting in different ways..while you and your Light continues to rise.


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