Amanda Lorence – This current Incoming Energy Wave (31 May 2018) is significant. I will try and explain why, yet I do not know everything.

In May 2014 as many here already know (sorry to repeat myself), I was given a “simulation experience” in and of my physical body, of the MAIN Energy Wave some call the “Event”. It was a real experience where I saw the wave, but more significantly felt a series of energetic patterns corse through this physical body. Too many patterns to be able to define, all running simultaneously throughout the body. The strength of the energy patterns, so strong, I could only literally stand and take it, unable to move my physical body whatsoever. This simulation was gifted as an understanding of what to expect when the Main Wave is received. But through the years since, it has also served as a gauge. To gauge where we ‘are’ energetically, compared to the expected Main Energy Wave.

Because I physically feel all actual incoming waves, I can monitor the patterns physically felt within my body, and gauge the waves strength, and feel the different energetic patterns that present through the brain and body. These have become stronger and stronger particular this year. Whereas in earlier years there may have been one physical pattern per Wave, that could be a different pattern per wave, this year the number of patterns running simultaneously has increased to two patterns, three patterns, four patterns which have occurred and are felt simultaneously with each incoming wave. In other words, the incoming waves this year are building in patterns and strength. I can therefore keep gauging these changes and strengths against the first simulation experience given in 2014.

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Today’s wave has been building for hours. However, what is so new and significant and never felt before (apart from in the Main Wave simulation), is this:
Although this wave is setting off multiple energetic patterns in the body, never before have the many energetic patterns joined up. Normally the patterns are simultaneous but VERY VERY separate patterns. Not tonight. Each energetic pattern is merging with each energetic pattern. Joining up. So as example, in the head: arc patterns, horizontal patterns, spiral patterns, circular patterns, pin point patterns are all joining up as ONE circuitry of electrical energy…for the first time.

The same is happening in the main body away from the head. Where patterns in the neck, spine, heart, throat, root, toes, face, fingers…whilst before would be separate patterns of energy (electricity), they are joining up as ONE circuitry of electrical energy.

I am sharing as this will be happening to many, regardless of whether you can feel it to this degree of sensitivity. It will still be occurring.

It’s significant because it brings us closer to the MAIN wave still to come. Because the simulation given those years ago had the same ONE circuitry, which at the time made it so difficult to define the various energy patterns of said simulation. I knew there were many patterns but the utter complexity of patterning made it difficult to define every pattern as they all joined up in the same moment.

Comparing the actual strength of tonight’s wave, I will add that the intensity, or strength of the current incoming energy wave is strong but we have had stronger. Based on the strength of vibration to that of the simulation experience, I can say we are not there yet and will need to increase more so. But the joining up of physical energy patterning within our human physical bodies, is very significant. And so welcome.

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I’m aware there is much debate about the Main Wave, where some say it is not a main event and some say it is a personal event. Both are true, as the anticipated wave is based upon the individual’s frequency and what can be withstood for the physical, mental and emotional body. I just share based on actual experiences given in the physical whilst keeping an open mind and open heart to all possibility.

Tonight’s alteration in physical energetic patterning, merging into one electrical circuitry is new, significant, and above all, real at physical human level.

One Love
Amanda Lorence
31 May 2018


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