Lisa Brown – We’ve moved into “contraction” energies, which also go deeeeeep into our cells. We prepare for a huge cellular cleanse and body template re-write/upgrade process, which usually takes several days…. as we work through the gridwork of our EARTH(ly) bodies… strong COSMIC CLEARING PROCESSES “begin”…. The physical body feels more during these frequencies and these can “push” on the body, push energetically, push/squeeze the human heart open… and more. These “drain” our cells on an energetic level and as we complete the template re-write, our cells fill with more light, encoded to much higher dimensional timelines than before. We are nearing ZERO POINT rotation, where all will slow down and come to a halt… and then start back up again, spinning in the opposite direction…. expanding further than ever before…. Some may feel this experience as a VOID = SPACE…. Energy movement is different here. Less movement, more movement… and how you move energetically/energy is too. How ENERGY correlates to feeling any density, heaviness or Light…. these frequencies focus on the GRAVITY of all… where bringing balance in, where restoring balance, where Lightening your Load, where those things “weighing on you”, pulling on you, pushing (ego/separation/duality), become “heavier” and through magnetics, can be FELT and observed easier/more……

Share as we go/flow/know…. ♥ Cosmic Rays and Diamond Light Frequencies, as well as Plasma Gas, are “silently strong” right now as well. ♦

These frequencies are what I call the Cosmic In-Breath of Gaia… and as we pass through this VORTEX (feeling of squished for some, breathing gets affected too)… all will Lighten up as we start the Cosmic Birthing Canal Process to come out on the other side…..

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p.s. We are in HIGH Integration energies right now… as well as each’s stuff surfacing to become visible (inner or outer is the same)…. to see/resolve/deal/shift/transform/transcend and shift from duality to full Unification from within. We may also move through this quickly, as the grids are re-charging again for StarGate alignments to again begin… we shall seeeeee. ☆

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼


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