Devyani Singh~Sa Kei Na – I had a most interesting Session recently with a Lightworker which brought up facts that I had absolutely no clue about.

I was shown a particular lifetime of this lightworker as a Knight Templar as a group of 22 Knight Templar in a Templar Sacred Temple. Their primary mission was the protection of the “bloodline” of the Sacred Rose which for some reason could not be fulfilled on either account of misaligned action or non action.

They faced the consequences for this in that lifetime as the Light shut down in that Sacred Temple but it is here that an amazing aspect was reveled. These 22 Knight Templars ( at a Soul Level most possibly) agreed to” fulfill” or make good their error as a United Team of 22 at a definite time …which happen to be NOW!!!

And this is where it gets super amazing. After a soul retrival was initiated for all these 22 ( my client being the channel via which this assistance included this entire group) Diamond Light codes of 144 facets were channeled simultaneously for all 22 Templars. I was then told that in that Now( of the session) these 22 were physically on Sacred Portals of High vibrations around Gaia. My client too had recently just recently moved to a Sacred Portal. I was given information for some of the other portals that the 22 physically were on :- some place in snowclad Himalayas ( Tibet?!?), A cave surrounded by water ( New Zealand?!?), Mt Sashta, A very very Deep lake starting with the letter T.

Once all 22 were activated with the Diamond Light Codes with 144 facets , I was shown that each of these Soul Lights then brought forth their Individual Heart Codes . These were shapes of Sacred Geometry and Beautiful Colours.

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And it is VIA the INTERLINKING of these Individual Codes of SACRED GEOMETRY that a GIGANTIC REPLICA of the DIAMOND CODE OF 144 facets was anchored on Gaia VIA the Sacred Portals these 22 Light beings ( former Knight Templars) were positioned in physically!!!! I was also told this this channeling was facilitated by a Huge Gigantic Diamond White Crystal in Andromeda!!! Ie the Diamond codes of 144 facets were channeled from this crystal in Andromeda , which with the United effort of the 22 individual codes became a huge gigantic energetic Diamond of 144 placed over Gaia , anchored via the Sacred Portals the 22 were physically In!!!

This was the path of Redemption they had chosen for the greatest Good of All which came through in the NOW of the Session.

At the time of the session I knew what had unfolded was significant , but still did not quite understand what exactly had taken place. Later the knowing came ( as I was shown Dragon and Lion energies Light up in the Sacred Temple of The Templars ) that ” bloodline ” was actually the ROSELINE ie Leylines of the Sacred Divine Feminine, I had felt super strong Goddess Presence of Cosmic Mother Isis during the entire session.

Another knowing that came was that Knight Templars were actually Masters of Sacred Geometry which they used to activate/ create Leylines for the Activations of Light Grids on Gaia for Ascension/ Higher Wisdom purposes / communications across times lines,/ manifestations etc.

I then googled Templars and Leylines and found some references to a Reshel Grid which seems similar to the Massive Diamond Grid I was shown anchored into Gaia via the 22. Only what I was shown was the entire Diamond and not just the top half as shown in the picture below. The grounding took place at the centre of the Diamond(on Gaia) where the 22 formed the base. It had a As Above, So Below structure.

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On a side note ,thought not totally unrelated note is that as you know we are Now clearing Karmic Debts of InAction / misguided Action of the Masculine Aspect of ourselves and these could show up as pain in joints on the Right side of the body.

Earlier we were involved in the healing (and release of) persecution of the Feminine which is now slowly but surely gaiving way to Karmic Redemption of the misadventures / inaction of the Masculine Aspect which we all carry.

Devyani Singh~Sa Kei Na

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