Aluna Ash Clairvoyant – Many of you will be seeing a lot of 1’s and 4’s in your synchronicity’s during these dates. The brain is connected to different time dimensions and activates through synchronicity and celestial energy.

This is a very powerful time of mirroring energy and manifestation. The portal dates are days of activations and integration of the Galactic Human. July 3rd – 144 code is a time dimensional frequency portal – Heart Chakra Activation 5D Timelines. Full Shakti activations and lower chakra purge clearing taking place… This is a mirroring energy portal active up until July 13th.

Everything is about to speed up… we are taking a quantum leap and anchoring vortexes connected to individual and collective “karmic” timelines, closing karmic cycles. Fated Events.

Everyone is going through a karmic release…the last purge. Releasing old programming for anybody that’s going through this awakening process within the spiritual community. You’re going to be experiencing a shift within you, unlike you’ve experienced before. You’re going to be moving into a new direction in your life, that you’ve been prepping for and training for unconsciously, spiritually at a soul level, through all your experiences, your soul contracts, your etheric imprinting. Everything that has been happening up until this point is setting you up for what’s to come after you close these cycles out, which is taking place in July-August.

And then we have the Solar flare that’s coming in after the September Fall Equinox, that will result in a huge shift in energy. October is huge with this wave I am seeing coming in. With the Shift, energetically we are going to be able to anchor in more Light, because we are purging the body right now. What I’m being shown is this is all in preparation for what’s about to come in. The healing that takes place will be rapid, the transition as far as the energy speeds up, the manifestation speeds up because your energy is speeding up, and now your cellular structure, your vibration at a subatomic level is vibrating at the same rate as your manifestations. Because you’re leaving the 3D Vibration. This is finally merging the nonphysical with the physical.

~Aluna Ash Clairvoyant💫


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