Aluna Ash Clairvoyant – We have been in a system that was created which is a ‘false time’ of the 12 month calendar, the 60 minute clock. This created a consciousness construct or a web of consciousness of programming that creates a vibrational response or energetic response almost like a grid system that is created from a web of consciousness. Where we are only experiencing in a limited time based off what we’re programmed to believe that ‘time’ exist as a 12/60 time frequency, which was developed I believe in the 1500s by the Vatican creating the Gregorian Calendar. This is no longer going off the 13 month moon calendar nor the 20 degree system of the planets in Cosmic Order in the cycles that are taking place.

It’s seeing the cycles of consciousness of a collective why we’ve been kept in a certain frequency, has a lot to do with the programming that has taken place. Which is this artificial grid system that’s been super imposed over the natural grid system, which is the 13/20 degree system. The artificial grid system is the 12/60 degree system, which is false time, which is linear time of the 3rd dimension matrix or the illusion in the physical plane of visible light frequency. This is keeping consciousness locked into an artificial grid system. It’s creating awareness in the programming that time exist in linear fashion.

The 13/20 degree system is Cosmic Order, it is ‘Divine Time,” it is where linear time does not exist. It is where this grid system is reawakening and the artificial grid system of false time 3D matrix is being released through the activations that you’re having and the awareness that you operate beyond linear time, beyond the twelve month calendar, beyond the 60 minute clock. Because it is a program that is an illusion of a consciousness construct of an artificial grid system that was put into place to keep the collective at a certain frequency, in a certain level of consciousness to keep them stuck in a 3D collective.

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As the awakenings are taking place and the collective is shifting out of time. We are shifting beyond what we have considered time. Because time does not even exist it is just a program of the 3D matrix. When you’re operating beyond 3D, you’re operating beyond the 12 month calendar and the 60 minute clock. You’re tuning into the Universal Energy and Universal Time, which is Cycles. The natural grid system that’s being activated and the synchronicity’s that you’re experiencing is because you’re experiencing beyond what you comprehend time to be, which is the 12/60 degree system. So you’re operating beyond linear time and experiencing synchronistic numbers repetitively. This is subconsciously programming to cosmic order, deprogramming you from the matrix and reprogramming yourself as a 4th Density being. You’re connecting to the natural grid system and this is where we collapse the consciousness construct of artificial linear time, the illusion of time does actually exist.


‘End Times’ means the end of actual linear time. It’s not the end of the world, it’s the end of one world cycle, one way of viewing time. This is what’s taking place with End Times, which is literally the end of linear time, the end of the 3D consciousness. So then you start experiencing beyond linear time, beyond the 3rd dimensional plane of existence, while still being physical. So you’ll still experiencing the reality of a physicality individually, but you’re connecting more to the mass consciousness and the community and service to others, the Age of Aquarius type of energy of the Golden Age. You’re connecting more as a 4th Density entity as you start to experience time differently. You experience time differently when you have a thought that manifests as a synchronicity or you have guidance and things just seem to flow into place. You’re no longer operating from the state of linear time.

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This is why you are awakening to who you already are and what you’ve already been. Because this artificial programming that has been put into place is being removed. And now you’re starting to become who you truly are at a higher vibrational rate, as you’re pulling forth your higher timelines. You’re moving forward into higher dimensions, higher planes of consciousness, as your vibration is increasing and the false programming is being removed through these transmissions of synchronicity’s. It is creating this programmed energy within the subconscious mind and activating these different aspects in the hemisphere of the brain, along with the celestial transits is activating the etheric DNA and transitioning each individual and the entity of Earth itself into a 4th Density Planet to move beyond false time or move towards the End of Time.

~Aluna Ash Clairvoyant💫


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