Marion Floetotto – Within the next days, I lovingly appreciate everyone who seeks liberation of this planet and this humanity, who envisions this planet being BATHED IN GOLDEN CHRIST LIGHT and and by that light being CLEANSED of of ALL the reminescents of the dark…

Find ALL the dark stuff, beings and Energies wherever You can IMAGINE or KNOW it is hiding…in humans, in all conscious live, in time bubbles within time bubbles, in machines, technology or devices, in virtual realities, sealed with black magic…etc.

Envision it being destroyed or pulled out of the planet:
the weapons, the poison, the radiation, dark technology, harp, hadron collider, dark energies, pollution, cloning, dumbs, chemtrails, AI, virtual realities, dark content, suffering, poorness, hunger&thirst, malware, etc etc all dropping out of this planet and fading away…

instead HEAVEN ON EARTH – divine abundance for all, divine peace, freedom, divine truth, divine LOVE, divine unity, being activated, put in place (again, seer older posts)

Either seeing a huge christ angel holding his hands and transmitting golden Energy into Gaia or seeing our sun transmitting golden Light high Vibes, from Alcyone/hunap ku into Gaia.

And than – if possible – envision the cleansing as well.
GAIA pushes with golden-white light ALL THE DARK STUFF OUT and heals

…and with her all humans HEAL from poisoning of body and mind, from trauma, from separation, from suffering!

It doesn’t matter if you hold this vision in the background (while you do sth else) of if you meditate and set the intent to hold this intent or if you repeat the intention/meditation or do combinations of above. words help.

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e.g.: “I create liberation of earth and humanity on all timelines, inter and intradimensional, everywhere” while brushing teeth or doing dishes.

Visions AND Words help even more: seeing children being liberated from cages, truth being told on mass TV, end of war and suffering this is, the sky, soil, oceans and sites cleaned, problems and dark stuff vanishing…

If you have difficulties to find into the active creator-heartspace:
Hug someone (you can, otherwise a pet, otherwise remember a hug) and tell her/him that you love her/him, go into your heart, into the feeling, and than in that space say (loud or innerly)
“I love all of humanity and GaiaEarth and I liberate alltogether with my divine love!”

See, Speak, FEEL, smell the liberation with all your senses, bodies and cells.

We don’t just make A difference right now, we make THE difference…

LOVE, FREEDOM, TRUTH, PEACE to all of you!



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