SANANDA & SHEKINAH – It is in loving witness that we see that many of you are experiencing and experiencing the high geo storms of energy in the Source Field of late, and this is bringing great intensity to the phenomenon of the rapid evolution of the human species. As the Sun’s orbit reaches the highest point above the Tropic of Cancer, the cosmic calendar begins to balance the dance of the universal masculine and feminine as the June Solstice is brought forth. 

For those of you in the northern hemisphere, this day marks the longest day of the year and ushers in the golden rays of Summer and of course, for those living in the Southern hemisphere, it measures the shortest day of the year and thus, the beginning of winter emerges. As the movement of the stars and constellations maps the coordinates of your soul’s involution, this astrological significance represents the balance between the masculine and feminine relationship within you. Yes our Dear One, this means that you too are merging with the inner and outer aspects that have battled within you throughout all the incarnation cycles. 

To support this, the High Star Councils and various light allegiances have been undergoing intense strategic workings that many of you are an active part of in dream and meditative space. This last month of May brought a completion of a GREAT Cosmic Cycle for the Divine Feminine energies upon the planet, as the monad completed itself on Mother’s Day. And thus, the equal importance of a Cosmic cycle for the masculine has also catapulted into a new vibration as the collapse of the False Patriarchy is in progress.

These Cosmic completions will allow a deeper merging of both energies within you to bond in a greater relationship with yourself. (We intend to share more in detail about what that means on a coming episode of “Cosmic Kryst/ Christ Conversations.”)

“This astrological significance represents the balance between the masculine and feminine relationship within you. “

The Relationship within oneself is the key theme to the evolution of the human species, as these divine feminine and masculine energies become completely balanced and integrated within. “Know thyself, know the ALL.” 

As you may know, the entire universal spectrum of consciousness is based upon the relationship of magnetism (feminine) and electricity (masculine). Everything you perceive through your senses is induced by this electromagnetic energy within dimensions of the source field, thus, both energies cannot exist without the other. 

The mass occurrence throughout the collective, is that both you and your conscious brothers and sisters are waking up to the termination of the masculine vs feminine game of polarity. There exists a grand opportunity to end the game and the war within, for the ones who simply choose love. More and more souls realise that only love reigns supreme throughout the entire spectrum of consciousness and is the shortcut hOMe. 

This time of year the cosmic energies are in full support to this realisation within. The great Crystalline Grids of the Twin Flame are being anchored into our Planet to support the next phase of the evolution of humankind. 

This next phase is falling in love with your true self as the Sovereignty of Divine Grace unshackles the mind from polarity into Oneness.

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What are Grids, Lay-lines or Song Lines?

Grids, Lay-lines or Song Lines are geometric networks of frequency built into the Earth like meridians in your body, that regulate the flow of planetary energy to create and sustain a particular function of consciousness. 

How this is playing out in the macrocosmic cycle is that the “Anima Mundi” or “World Soul”, is being rebirthed into the morphogenetic field and planetary grids of our planet. Essentially our beloved Gaia is receiving a new planetary Soul Consciousness that does not hold the Karma or memory of the previous Dark Age (Kali Yuga). The Solstice in December 2017 was the pinnacle time that witnessed the release of the old patriarchal timelines and karma from the Earth grids to seed the planet for what is to come. This has been the divine plan to transcend the memory fields that held the fall of consciousness that this planet has seen for aeons of time throughout the dark ages.

What does this mean for Humanity?

The opening of the Aquarian Age and the end to the Piscean Age is a time when the Patriarchy of the past and the Matriarchy that occurred prior is no longer energetically supported in the Cosmos. In preparation for the entry point of the June Solstice, ALL that is out of balance, in identity distortion and therefore out of LOVE must go. For when one is in power over another: either the masculine energy or the feminine energy,  balance is unseen and anything out of harmony to the ONE cannot survive long term. This Solstice marks a moment when both the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine merge even deeper and support one another, both in the Macrocosm and Microcosm.

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For thousands of years, the roles of male and female have been convoluted, confused and in many ways greatly reversed. For just in biological structure alone, the holder of the feminine energy is meant to be the receiver, the Uterus: the rounding element as ‘wombman’, (Women) are in fact, built to be so. It is a softening, nourishing, blessing, graceful and fiercely protective presence. It is that of the Mystical Moon that rules the tides of the ocean and thus regulates and ignites the emotions within the body as well. 

Conversely, it is the Sun that rules the masculine aspect of the divine. The Male aspect of life is meant to be the giver, the lingam, the energy of electricity that is the mover and animator of the force of creation. Just as RA, the Sun radiates its solar essence as the supreme life giver upon the Earth. Both these energies must find their way into a divine union and sacred marriage in order to sustain the children of humanity.

This Solstice marks a moment when both the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine merge even deeper and support one another.

What does this mean for you?

As this Multidimensional Sacred Marriage of ALL life is being anchored upon the Earth, the Twin Flame Grid is also being constructed and expanded to hold more Divine Unions to manifest with ease and grace. As the ascension cycle for the next age is to occur in pairs of Divine union planetary servers. 

In anticipation of the dawning of the Solstice on June 21st, the World Soul will be experiencing a massive shift in the configuration of the Universal Grids in great preparation for what is to come, as the Golden Age is ushered in and celebrated upon the Universe.

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This is a time when new frequencies and truths are coming into the Earth that had not been readily available in the Piscean Age.  Naturally, as you expand, so too does your ability to hold and process information. you are expanding to receive NEW TRUTH that will support ALL in this New Paradigm of Freedom and activation in this new age of ONENESS and total unification. 

This Solstice supports all that is occurring for the transformation of the Human Collective and the eventual merging, supporting, understanding, loving and holding of BOTH sexes of male and female into the intended birthing of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine; bowing to each other as equally powerful and equally important within and throughout the ALL. 

With deep love and honour for you, for Great GOD and for “The ALL THAT IS. “



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