It is important for you to understand the true nature of numbers and how powerful they are depending on how they are applied. Please stop counting, stop making use of numbers as a means of measure from A to B, as this is done from a linear mindset and will keep you in polarity here and there. The truth is time does not exist and by counting days and following a forthrunning calender (track of time) you keep yourself trapped in past and future, life and death polarity. Know that you are eternal. You are energy that can shift form and shape and expression depending on how the molecules are put together. Numbers are sacred and when applied with higher intent and purpose you can create any reality… they are divine intellegent codes of creation, sacred geometry building blocks that do not follow the laws of linearity, as discovered in the fibonacci sequence by your mathematicians. And yet there are things to be discovered by your scientists, that can only be felt. Numbers are divine intellegence that so to say work on their own accord and responding to higher laws of nature. In other words if you hold the intent of a certain outcome and you are being in vibrational match with it, they will come together on their own accord and form the molecular structure that forms that reality. You do not need to be a mathematician to understand the nature of sacred geometry. The divine intellegence of your heart will extract the combinations of codes (digits) from the quantum field to materialize realities. That is how we work in the higher realms. We do not use numbers to measure distance or time, as the concept of time does not exist in our mindset, which is circular if you like, not linear and beyond any restrictions of measurement, as they transcend concepts of polarity. As full fledged masters of vibration and embodiments of higher galactic consciousness, you need only hold the divine intent and instantly materialization of that particular hologram takes place. A deep remembrance within your cells knows this sacred language, it is an inner knowing, that goes beyond your mind´s ability to comprehend as this sacred wisdom cannot be conceptualized from a linear mindset, it can only be felt and perceived thru your heart´s divine intellegence, that is a vast computer hard disc, that is connected to the Akashic Records Quantum Field. Your brain is the software, that processes the information, the binary codes, and put them into form. Thus understand the necessity to create from your heart´s intent, create thru feeling and vibration. There is no effort involved. Other than your divine intent. This is how powerful you are and this is the way we work with numbers, or rather the way we inter-act (create) and communicate telepathically with the cosmic forces, as well as thru sound, which is a theme of its own, that we will touch upon in divine progression of the expansion of your consciousness. As you step out of the counting, you step out of the life-death lineary illusion and into eternity and freedom, you become co-creators with the universal forces in sacred synergy. It is your key to freedom.

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Channeled by ~ Grace Solaris 


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