Grace Solaris – Happy magical miraculous Solstice… we all feel that this Solstice is unprecedented in its magnitude. Waves upon waves of high vibrational diamantine light encodings have been flooding in and built up in frequency since monday, where the planet was conjunct the Galactic Core (which you may see as the actual Solstice, hadn´t it been for the messing up and imposing of linear time thru the gregorian calender.

Your experience may be blissfull or stressfull…. it may bring up divine joy or anxiety. Whatever you are carrying within your heart will be amplified and brought to the surface. Whatever you will need to look at, will show itself and beg to be accepted and embraced by love to finally leave and give way for higher octaves of love.

The main purpose for these divinely orchestrated light “injections” is transforming dense matter (blocked energies) into light, all that which hinders you to truly FEEL. You see, you cannot advance to higher frequencies of light in a body densified with blocked energy. Hence the primary aim of the ongoing light upgrades are to clear the space in your cells (downstep matter) to make vibrational “space” for higher frequencies of light. So when you are receiving light upgrades these dense pockets of repressed, denied or disowned emotion (frozen/dense matter) are liquified if you will, to allow for the divine flow and bring motion into feeling, which is vital to vibrate on higher frequencies of light.

All feelings of inadequacy, all behavioral patterns, that keeps you disempowered and small will no longer be able to exist in the increased light frequency, that is ignited thru this immensely powerful Solstice portal and the ongoing accelerations of light. In the new earth higher dimensional realms of light it will no longer be possible to live in denial or to surpress our feelings, it would be like pretending to be a toddler not knowing to walk. It is time to step into your mastery, to walk your talk as a sovereign being owning every inch of you, every shade, every aspect… equally entitled to your love.

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Self love is the very foundation for mastery, owning and standing to who you are in all your shades and in all your MIGHT with a FULLY OPENED FEELING HEART being present with all-that-is. Showing up naked and authentic is the hallmark of mastery, it is a surrendering to acknowledging everything as sacred. Love does not discriminate as it knows no judgement, no attachment, it allows everything to be free, to prosper, grow, expand and express itself as long as it is not violating love itself.

Time to stand tall in your magnificence as fearless ones. When you finally let go of all that which is held deep within the deepest layers of your heart, which you have avoided to feel, when you finally stand face to face with your self inflicted and projected inadequacy, you have transcended the fear of it, it will be a moment of self discovery, as you allow yourself to look at those aspects of self you have withheld love to, the victim as well as the abuser, a wave of deep compassion and mercy will pour from your heart, the inner source of love will come alive and be a nurturing source of self love. It only takes your unreserved YES to ALL that you are.

So let your heart crack open, to give way for the light to bring everything to the surface, that was burried in the abyss of self denial polarity. Time to unite all polarity within in sacred union.Time to rise, time for love to take you over. Time to get out of cover and into transcendence. Feeling is your means to BE and the key to FREEdom. FEEL-in… you are HOME. ~

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