Amanda Lorence – Much is occurring for all humans. It just depends on which consciousness level and energetic frequency level each human is at. Each have their divine path. All is divine. Everything.

Some in human form are now OUT of what can be labelled, the Third Dimensional Blueprint. For those, this means the Third Dimensional Blueprint is observed, heard, seen, understood…but they are outside of it. At higher level consciousness, they only observe the Third Dimension and it’s play, and this is perfect for they are to OBSERVE in order to assist humanity, assist the collective, the kingdoms, the universe, the whole.

These humans think, feel, talk, do ONLY from HEART. Only from the NOW moment. They have knowings of why they are here, insights of what they are to accomplish. They do not know all the detail, no one does, but they follow the NOW moment from HEART…Like a button that has been switched on, they can only be this way, from heart, from absolute ONENESS, in their every breath. They are out of the construct, yet are able to support all, from beyond the construct, via their energy, their frequency, their coding, their HEART. Their path in unity unfolds before them, serving ONLY the whole, from purity.

Humanity is like a giant soup. So many different ingredients, that maketh the whole feast. Meaning…so many different frequencies of human. Each human frequency in turn, influences their own experience, story, in every nano second. Choose your frequency in each moment. It’s a choice, you have that power.

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Gaia gave birth on Solstice, she received coding to her heart chakra. Which in turn sent out coding to all of her chakras. All of GAIA’S chakras now work as one Energy. This ONENESS of her chakras, on this NOW timeline, parallels humanity. Gaia is the macro as humanity is the micro. It’s the same…everything PARALLELS. For some humans are NOW working CONSCIOUSLY SO, as ONE energy. These humans do not see separation anyone, they see, feel, breath, do, act as ONE whole.

Nothing can stop this momentum NOW.

Expect the incoming waves to become stronger and stronger. They have to. Choose how you react to them: from fear or gratitude, from pain or bliss. Take control of your thoughts, for thoughts that repeatedly cycle create your own experience. Be the master of your destiny. It truly is that simple.

For a couple of weeks now, incoming energies are ramping up the human physically and energetic body. Cells oscillate at speed now for higher frequency incarnations in human form. They have too. In order for the divine timelines to unfold and unfold and unfold as FLOW. Human is evolving, to live, think, feel, know as the ENERGY they are. They are to evolve to be the divine alchemists. The divine energy we always were, before the descent into this physical lifetime and all it’s forgetfulness. The veil has lifted. As it lifts for one human, it dominoes, recaches out, affecting more and more humans. This SUMMER shall show this as more and more experience the lifted veil, and become the ONEness.

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The incoming waves are multiple patterned, to multiple (all) parts of the human body. So all that needs to occur IS, for the energetic magnitude of each wave, to keep increasing incrementally. Because all the patterns needed, are NOW there, present.

We are being energetically ramped up. We serve as ONE. We ARE One. We hold ONE heart. We are ONE Love. 3d chose to believe in separated hearts and separated LOVE. Many still do, and will as per their own timeline and path. Yet NOW, since Solstice 2018, ONEness has birthed and is US in human physical form. Nothing can or will stop this energetic momentum and evolution. We are ON!

One Love
Amanda Lorence
25 June 2018


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